Bad experience with the newest version of CFP (

Read here and you will see what av’s are on top. Avira of course.

Um, Yaraslau, 2 years can change the product significantly. :slight_smile: KAV 6 is different from KAV 8. You can change the “pig scream” to something else too. Just use a .wav file.

!ot! I’m a student and a part time killer ;D I always stay in hotel Planeta :wink: !ot!

Vettetech, Firefox? No, I’m a happy user of OperaTOR. :slight_smile: This browser also allows to block many of that thing, but for me: browsing with browser, and securing with firewall or AV. Will coming soon version of CIS host all of that options?

VirusBulletin hasn’t got Agnitum. Why?

Commodus, I install and deinstall new software every day, EXCEPT AV products. It’s not safe. I like AVZ (some core and signatures from latest KAV), you can find more info on or But KAV? No, no and no!


Commodus, would it be possible to ask you about the purpose of your visits in Minsk? Does your visit to Belarus satisfy you? :slight_smile: Just want to hear some critics…

I still don’t understand - why not KAV. Just because of this one accident with your girlfriend ? 88)

!ot! I visited Belarus a couple of times for educational reasons. I study and teach history, so I need to know stuff. Especially that Lithuania and Belarus were close at some point. :wink: Visited some castles (most of them in poor condition :slight_smile: , cemetarys. A couple of times I was in Belarus just for fun. ;D I really like it there. (I mean Minsk). A lot of space between buildings, quiet, empty streets. Last time I was there in winter.

(Oh yeah and I brougt back some cool variety of vodka and other alcohol :stuck_out_tongue: ;D)

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