Backup Verification Error

Sorry to bother the forum again; I think I’m uncovering every problem nobody else ever ran into. aiy yi yi

This time I’m getting error message "Backup verification failed with error code 40 (Not Initialized). I don’t understand this because the backup is almost complete by the time I receive the error.

At this time I am running cbu version My OS is Windows 7, and am backing up to an external hard drive. The backup seemed to “take.”

I see a message that “Optional verification has been request after backup.” The English could stand some improvement … sorry I’m just getting frustrated with all the errors. I’m going to try to unselect the optional verification and let it go at that.

Another question I have is that the online storage logon message comes on when I turn on my computer. I need to figure out how to turn that off. Sorry … should post that question on another message unless I can find the answer with a search first! Always something, eh? Thanks for listening!

To help the Devs track down the problem faster can you please post the debugging information

Please see this topic
Try one of the exes there, the issue should be fixed.

A new release will be available soon with the fix.