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Hi everybody,

I just wanted to give you a little feedback from an old member of your community :stuck_out_tongue:

I 've been using CFW v6 for 2 weeks now and I decided to switch back to v5.
Here are my reasons :

  • V6 ergonomy is poor compared to v5 : the menus are hard to find, slow to appear when you click on buttons (when you don’t have to click twice !) . Menus are not responsive enough (compared to v5)

  • I also can’t find the actual traffic graph i use to appreciate in v5.

  • you always have to click on “advanced tasks” to be able to do something useful with cfw… the first screen is useless…

  • some windows reappear when you have closed them (tasks for example)

  • Popups alerts are often frozen : you can’t click on them till they disappear or you have to wait many seconds

  • Logs are not clear enough

  • I don’t use virtual kiosk nor sandboxed browsers…

So, you see, it’s not a question of efficiency of CFW (still on top !) - for me, it’s a design and fluidity issue…

i’ll give it another try later. :wink:

Couldn’t agree with you more. I started using Ver6 the day it came out. Much like a lot of folks on here, I was really excited to use it. My excitement lasted for a short time. I wasn’t able to run firefox and sandboxie together with my new toy. I figured “Heck it’s just a conflict somewhere”. I added just about every exception that I could think of. I even turned off all my restrictions in sandboxie. Still no luck.
I agree with all your point. I think that it was released a little too early. Maybe because there was pressure from folks or the mods thought they had fixed everything they could. It needs a little more polishing.

Hi kjdemuth,
I personally don’t think we (Mods) influenced the time of release one way or the other, that was Comodos decision. :wink:

I’d wait to see the results of the next Matousecs’ Proactive challenge before I decide to go back to v5.

but I agree that I don’t use the sandbox or the kiosk. If I can’t trust a program, it doesn’t run, and I don’t run software that isn’t digitally signed or in the trusted vendors list unless I’m absolutely sure, so I have nothing to worry about.

Just speculating captain. By no means is that how it actually happened. I know that comodo makes the decision. I know that sometimes harassment and pressure can cause bad decisions. I know that you guys (mods) have a tough enough job running alpha’s and then trying to fix all the bugs in beta. You can’t perceivable fix all the bugs, errors and conflicts with all known programs running out there.

It makes me chuckle when someone comes up a bug in some obscure program. Then proceeds to blame the mods and the devs for not finding it.

I do appreciate your work but I do think that it should have stayed in beta a little bit longer. Just my two cents, nothing more.

I don’t think the mods fix the bugs, however I think they do try to find as many bugs as possible and report them back to Comodo.

Thank you for pointing out my incorrect statement. No the Mods don’t fix the bugs, the Devs do.

I agree: CIS6 definitely needs attention…there are several bugs to fix. On the other hand I know devs are aware about that…let they take their time.
CIS6 has the potentiality to become the best product on the market (I don’t know other vendors that give you AV, FW, HIPS, BB, Sandbox, VK etc…for free).
You wouldn’t need any other third party software to protect your pc…they need only to fix bugs, specially the sandbox-VK related ones… :wink:

Same here, other than the issues already mentioned, add another that I cannot find an easy way to “clear” outdated/non-existant executables from the Defense+ policy or Firewall policy lists…

With v5, although I (still) am unable to sort, I could still expand the window to full screen and expand or contract the individual entries. On the new v6, I could not find a way to do either (i.e. set to full screen to see the full path, and/or contract/expand entries by single-clicking the column header).

Good to know! I guess I’ll keep V5.

I’m not putting down v6 but I’m switching back to version 5. The main reason is I feel I’ve lost control over the sandbox and active connections pane. The whole mandatory Killswitch download to access these features is just too much. It’s just to many clicks to access anything I need. When in v5 all I need is 2 or 3 clicks and I’m where I want to be. Also I miss the right click on the task bar icon for a quick adjustment of settings.

Everything just feels so hidden.

Just an opinion. :slight_smile:

Edit :

Under windows 7 I will stick with v5 as long as possible. Under windows 8 I will use v6 whether I’m not initially crazy about the UI and having to install KillSwitch. On windows 8 v6 loads quicker and runs smoother. The only problem I’ve had under v6 is a couple of times the alerts will appear only for a second and then disappear before I can answer. Both times I rebooted and it was gone.

Comodo please reconsider your UI. :cry:

At least consider adding back the original sandbox controls and the active connections under the firewall tab directly from the within UI.


I installed 6.0 on a Laptop (XP) but I must admit that I’m mostly confused with the product interface.

  1. I don’t get the same feeling (UI Menu choices) when I do right click in the System Tray (I’m used to Version 5.10.228257.2253 on Windows XP machine).

  2. There is NO “Open” choice for the Firewall to tweak Firewall, Defense etc settings

  3. In 6.0 version, UI doesn’t match closely with 5.10.x (say how to access Network Security Policy to setup a few rules?)

I don’t feel comfortable with it. I guess it got trimmed? I don’t know. All I saw was a widget on the Desktop and new 6.0 UI without 5.10.x resemblance. Am I missing something here?

Please clarify. I’m reverting to 5.10.x (couldn’t find it on Comodo, got it from Filehippo).

PS: I’m not complaining about anything. This is only feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you

Same here. And honesty, no idea why so many ppl say “CIS6 is great” … Its not (in my opinion). Maybe the internal stuff is great (i dont know) but the “ease of use” is just bad! (my english too, i know)

The Alert Window:
In CIS5 you always had to put the alert window on your favorite position after a restart, in CIS6 its ALWAYS on the same position (right down corner) and dont care where you moved it to. With CIS6 you need TWO clicks to block an Application on the Alert window cause im forced to decide i just wanna block it or block & kill it. No options at all to change it. At least the “remember my answer” Checkbox is unchecked by default! And thats the only good point i found in CIS6.

The Main Firewall Window:
In CIS5 you had some useful information on the mainview like active connections and it was possible to add/remove rules “quickly”. In CIS6 the only thing that reminds me on a Firewall is the Titel “Comodo Firewall” … To add/remove a rule i need to click 1) Tasks 2) Firewall Tasks 3) Open Advanced Settings 4) Application Rules. After that i found a ~460x400 window with my rules. Of course, i can maximize it, i can click on every single (+) to expand it but guess what: Close the window and reopen and its ~460x400 again and all (+) clicks are gone (why? i wanna see my rules like in CIS5). It dont save any window position or any other custom settings. Theres no “Advanced User” Mode or something, its way to slow to use. BTW, slow: Sometimes a double click on the Tray Icon opens the Main Window in ~1s and sometimes in ~10s, same happens on a click on “Open Advanced Settings”.

Information Windows:
In CIS5 you change the Log Window once to your preference and it reopen anytime later in the same way. Now, its no surprise that CIS6 dont do that. In the Tasks Window / General Tasks you can find “View Logs” and you are forced to see the “Home” Tab always. A change to the “Firewall Events” Tab brings up a ~670x390 Window where EVERY entry uses about four Lines in height and have entry’s like:

“1/15/… | C:.… | Block… | Out | TCP | 192.1… | 49451 | 108.190.1… | 80”

Yes, thats the informations i was looking for :slight_smile: I know, i can maximize again, but what for? It dont save it anyway and even Maximized it can only show about 18 entry’s (CIS5 shows 49 entry’s on my selected window size!) Its just to slow to use and not comfortable (for me).

Im going to check later versions. But if Comodo morphes to a “Automatic-you-dont-can-do-anything-Firewall-with-fancy-GUI” then its not made for users like me. For now i say bye bye to CIS6 and use 5.12 again.

Thanks for reading (if it was possible cause of my nice english skill) and have a nice day! :smiley:

I guess I’m just the opposite from you. I love V6 and think it’s much easier to use. I do not need or want the ability to create rules for anything, I want my security app to do it for me. I have CIS set up in safe mode in the Internet security configuration and do not let it create rules for safe applications. Why should they need any if they’re known to be safe? HIPS is also disabled. I have only made two changes from the default installation. I have set the Behavior Blocker to run unknown things as restricted and I have enabled the AV alerts so I have more control and things just don’t get auto-quarantined since that can cause problems if the detection is a FP. CIS 6 is finally something the masses can use and be silently protected. It’s the best version yet.

Well, for users like you a GUI is not even required. 88)

I disagree with this statement.

For the most part I agree with Dch48. This version of CIS is much more usable for most users. However, what I am missing is a summary page that can easily link advanced users to the most critical portions of the settings. However, at least for me, using the task shortcuts and the modified widget I don’t feel I’m missing out on too much.

Chiron, from what I read from the post of Dch48, and it is not some sort of personal attack against him, except for the AV alerts setting I don’t see where he uses the GUI. What I meant is that for ppl whose use their security software in autopilot, a GUI is finally useless. As they won’t make rules or tweak some security settings, they don’t need to work with the GUI. If the GUI is well or badly designed in usability won’t make a difference for them.

Sorry, my comment was more about the program. I may have slightly misunderstood your comment.

I do agree that for advanced users the GUI could use some improvements, or at least a usable summary screen with links. :-TU

I don’t really think they have to be ‘advanced users’ Basically anyone who wishes to interact with the product, quickly and easily, will be disappointed.

In the end it’s personal opinion and in my opinion, if you like the ‘winamp’ type interface and have little need to interact with the product, CIS 6 will be appealing.

the number of clicks to access advanced settings is the same as the V5.
for me it was like the custom settings easier to access certain functions.
what has changed is the interface and the “strangeness with the new”, the interaction remains the same.