Avira [Discussion]

Well, as I haven’t found any decent Avira topic I thought it would be nice to make one :).
Discussion can start from …


NOW !! :wink:


I stopped using Avira PE awhile back cause I was sick of the umbrella not opening up. There are 10 other posts with the same complaint.

ouch. not a good initial comment :slight_smile:
what’s with the latest release? any major change? GUI?
i replace avira free with avast cos i don’t like updating 2 separate AV & AS. but using antivir makes my comp a little bit faster

You mean the realtime protection didn’t work, or the icon? ???

No particular complaints about Avira here, except for their absolutely horrible ******** forums with their “trusted” member policy. >:(

Ganda : look in the Security Updates for the latest release :).


[s]that’s it ???

* Version 8 offers: integrated WebGuard, an enhanced interface, a modularized AV-search engine for improved scan performance, AntiBot and AntiDrive-by and a new module: Rescue Systems.

but that already been given from old V8. no change at all on the latest release? maybe the “umbrella not show up” problem has been fixed?[/s]
oh sorry, my brain must be messed up. but i remember someone posted about the “latest” release. so i thought there were some new stuffs. (:NRD)

No the problem is the tray icon shows the umbrella closed and real time protection off. But the GUI shows it on. Happens about every 3rd boot. Avira modders don’t seem to care. Look at the forums. I posted something and just the other day I saw more complaints. There are about 10 of them now. Its just a bug but doesnt make me feel good. Also Avira and Sandboxie dont play well together either.

i realy like avira, great detection, never hade a problem, doesen’t slow down your pc.
avira is great (:HUG)

Keep in mind webbie. Avira Free and Avira PE are not the same.

Have been using Avira Premium for the last year or so (used to have Avast before) and have had no single problem. (Umbrella open with every boot…)


yea the free edition doesen’t include anti-spyware right? but that’s no problem, there’s utorrent for >:-D

Are you using Avira 8.0? The latest and greatest?

i didin’t hade that problem either

Product version

Indeed the latest and greatest :slight_smile:


Never happened here. Are you running some other RT stuff with it?

Just go over to the Avira forums. You will find atleast 10 other post about the same complaint. I think all of you know my security set by now. NOD32,Comodo and Sandboxie all behind a NAT.

Well I got you beat cause I always keep everything up to date. I am also using Sandboxie 3.29. Even with Comodo and Sandboxie uninstalled still the same problem. ITS NOT ME. People without Comodo and without Sandboxie are having this issue. If you dont believe me go to the Avira forums and look under the PE not the free section. I also do not believe in Avira Free. Only Avira PE. Was even happening with Sandboxie 3.28.

I have experienced what Vette has before, I reformatted my comp (not because of avira) and it seemed to work when I gave it another go.

Support isn’t looking into the issue enough!

Vette! look what i found!

Maybe you might want to look at this, AVIRA works - but not the tray Icon? When I followed those instructions I got a pop-up from CPF3, now every time i start it up it works

Guess you didn’t read my problem. The icon always loads but the umbrella never opens.That link is irrelevant to my problem and others.