Avast 8 reviews

- YouTube least their behavior blocker works this time

Yea but their behavior block conflicts with Cis 6 behavior blocker.
Internet explorer won’t sandbox and run in the virtual kiosk. so i run avast 7 with the behavior shield uninstalled and also disable autosandoxing in avast. Then CIS an avast get along fine.

Avast 8 Public Beta With Windows 8 Support is Out.!!

Evo-Gen [Susp] is not from behavior blocker at all …
read this A New Toy in the Avast Research Lab

I tested Avast 8 Beta.

Previous versions with PUP enabled for everything, the detection was same with realtime & folder scan.

Avast 8 detects extra i.e those Suspicious detections from FileShield. This definitely improves detection & seems good.

I also saw detection with FileReputation i.e AV alert popup mentioned FileReputation detection, it seems they have added FileRep detection in realtime protection i.e previously I only saw filerep detection with browsers i.e that big alert now its with realtime detection too.

But BB & Autosandbox still needs improvements. They are same as previous version but autosandbox at times do detects threats in this version so improvement is there in autosandbox compared to previous version.

Avast now has adblocker powered by adblock plus?

Attached is the screenshot

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I uninstalled CIS 6 for Avast v8 I’m currently testing it in VM and Evo-Gen sign + FileRep malware detects everything missed by local signs !
Here more info about Evo-Gen and some others good stuffs : A New Toy in the Avast Research Lab

Decided to give avast free a spin on my VM. big mistake, it is extremely heavy. the avast service seemed to be scanning or something in the background the IO was at about 10 mb/s. it keeps spawning a run32.dll that takes 600 mb of my 1 gb of ram and takes about 50% cpu. i tried to run process hacker it finally opened after about 5 or so minutes so i tried to reboot and the system was so bogged down i had to force a reboot. after windows started (took another 5 minutes to boot) the dll spawned again and my ram was at 100% and cpu at 90%. i dont know whats going on with this beta but it definitely needs work

It’s strange it works really well with Vista x64 but there are issues with XP and other OS it seems … beta3 is coming today with fixes.

Beta 3 for Avast is out.

I have been running the Avast 8 beta AV and the CIS 2708 firewall and it runs very nicely.
I just install avast 8 and uncheck behavior shield when installing, and disable auto sandboxing in avast 8 also and then cis 6 and avast 8 seem to work together fine. CIS 6 on proactive and fully virtualized with hips off.
Avast 8 Free Antivirus seems to use about 9.5 megs of ram. I have no Speed problems. No issues at all on both my PC’s.

Avast 8 Release Candidate 1 is Out…

Here I tested avast! v8 RC2 on a real machine :

samples were MALICIOUS and FRESH.
It did a 100% (note I only tested 11 samples).


From what I read about Avast is that the behavior blocker in version 7 is working behind the scene it’s not HIPS. It’s actually responsible to support other protection shields such as the script one, etc. That’s why you don’t see it in action. I don’t know if this changed in version 8 but I always keep it on. The only thing I do disable in Avast is the auto-sandbox.

This looks very good indeed. Thanks. :slight_smile: :-TU

Well if your a chrome or firefox user then this is totally useless. :-TD
Adblock is available as an extension.

Avast 8 just Hit RTM and it’s public webcast is tomorrow at 7pm EST according to the Facebook page.

avast short video announcement of Google+ webcast

Scratch that RTM…they found a bug in the network driver/shield that BSOD
and i found a bug in the webshield…and reported it…

There will always be last moment bugs to resolve irrespective of any product :wink:

Just got the upgrade today via Avast 7. Is that for Windows 8 or for all systems?

It’s official Avast 8 final is out today: