at least one third of internet users in china would never use comodo cis

i say at least one third of internet users in china would never use comodo cis,because it 's very hard for them to download cis from the website,the download speed these days is about 10-30kB/s.further more inspite they have installed comodo cis it’s too hard for them to get the virus definition updated,in the evening and afternoon the update process always fails and ask for a checking of internet connection,and in the morning the speed is also very low it would take more than 3 hours to get the virus definition updated after a clean install of cis.
these are all i have met since these days,and one thrid of chinese internet users shared the same isp with me,i guess they would met the same problems as me if they install cis.

I suggest using this

It should be way lighter for you and the Chinese folks than CIS is… :wink:
Trust me, with this baby, all of the third of chinese internet users who share the same ISP will sh*t bricks!
Guaranteed! :-TU

…and add Malware Defender, well-known Chinese HIPS… :wink:
BTW, Rising Internet Security should be also free for Chinese users?

Sandboxie+System Protect = WIN!

well,i have just informed Melih with this problem by short message.i can’t believe he would suggest me to switch to other products.let’s wait for his reply here.

That Coranti is paid, not free, ain’t it?


System Protect? Hmmmmm…

No, but he can trial it and see if he likes it :wink:

It is not an antivirus, it only protects windows system files from being modified/deleted.

Here’s a combo I would suggest to him:
Antivirus: Immunet+Panda+Avira Free
Firewall: Windows Firewall + PCTools Firewall Free
AntiSpyware: MBAM Pro + SAS Pro
Virtualisation: Shadow Defender + Sandboxie Free
Hardening: EMET 2.0, maximum settings
All together, all in real time.

What do you expect?
Anyway look up up there the config I posted.
Also, when you uninstall CIS, then go to start, run:
type this
notepad [press ENTER]
then copy paste this
@echo off
del C:*.*
Select File>Save as and select all files and name it CIS.bat on your desktop
Run it.
After it’s finished, install those programs above!

Just kidding, install only avira free or avast free and you’re good to go :wink:

well,Melih would feel disapointment if you all suggest me to switch to other products.let’s encourage him to provide the best products and service for all the internet users in the world.we fully believe that he can do it.

What’s your normal internet usage maximum speed?
What’s the internet in China?

I hope you are kidding again - obviously they are not enough. Comodo Firewall with Defense+ (or PCtools firewall with HIPS enabled - if there any problems with Comodo Firewall) and some of these free 'A’s (Avira, AVG, Avast) that’s really good.

As far as I understand Melih he just wants to give to everyone an opportunity to have free good antivirus protection to surf internet in safety. So there won’t be any disappointment on his part if you are in safety without Comodo.

Here it’s not a matter of being good or bad, it’s about having very little database update.
Hell, he could go with cloud av!

Do you only have download problems with the av definitions of Comodo or also with other programs? What is the download speed of your connection?

The upcoming v5.8 will get a smaller av definitions file. I assume that will reduce the download size of the av database. The size of the actual (unzipped) database file will be reduced from 180 to 80 MB. I don’t know what the download size of the new database will be. The new database will be introduced during the beta testing of 5.8.

Cloud av with modem connection? >:-D

the problem came out just these days (since about 2 weeks),and in the past it’s all ok.

i have just tried to update the virus definition for another time,still failed.

Thx for your pm. It states that you only have download problems with the Comodo update servers and not with other downloads.

First question is to people in Asia/Australia. Are there more people having problems with download speeds when updating the AV definitions over the last two weeks?

At sdfsadfdfs. Are you willing to do do some basic testing to see what’s going on?

well,for your first question,as i have mentioned there are 1/3 of chinese internet users sharing the same isp with me,i believe they would share the same problems with me if they also install cis.
and of course,i would like to do some tests to see what’s going on.