Are torrents safe to use?

I dont mean checking the downloaded files but the time you actually download. Can people see your IP address and hack you?

Will setting it to outgoing only and have my firewall on protect me?

Are torrents safe to use?
Use azureus or utorrent Stay away from limewire and it's variants
Can people see your IP address
Of course, You can make it tougher by using a VPN
and hack you?
highly unlikely
Will setting it to outgoing only and have my firewall on protect me?
If your using comodo firewall, don't worry about that

Your biggest concerned should be if the files are infected

You can read more about stuff like that at

Use Comodo TrustConnect, which is now a free service, to hide your real IP. And using Comodo Firewall as mentioned you will be fine as far as connections go (and off course using Defense+ and Sandbox malware won’t do a darn thing ;))

Utorrent, again 100% agree with Jay, Better over Limewire. Always be careful what you download unless you know for sure… and have a TRUSTED Torrent Site.


how do I use a VPN? also trust connect isn’t free, it says there is a free trial but not free. (Also is setting Azureus, now know as Vuze, secured at setting outgoing only?)

And here I was, hoping that anyone would actually read this sticky…


Definitely stay away from Limewire as it is filled with viruses and it seems that people re-write the names of the files on it a lot so you end up downloading a file only to realize it’s not the file you wanted and worse it was probably a virus at that.

Just a few tidbits of info

  1. Any file or folder that uses and/or needs a password, STAY AWAY
  2. ASSume you have windows media player, vlc and other popular ones. If you need “codec” Use “K-lite codec” If it requires a different or special one, Delete it ASAP Or if it tells you that you need go to a certian website to get something (it could be anything) STAY AWAY

3)Remember, Just because you don’t see anything malicious in a sandbox. It doesn’t mean it’s safe. There a lot of malware that will ONLY run when there outside of a sandbox or virtual environment.

Advice for azureus a.k.a vuze users
in order

  1. Change “Mode” to Advanced
  2. At Tools —> Options -------> Connections
    REMOVE these checkmarks
    Decentralized tracking
    Supplied by another peer
    Added by a plgin
    3)Most important
    Tools ----> Options–> Connection------> Transport Encryption
    Make sure there ARE checkmarks at
    Require encrypted transport
    allow non-encrypted outgoing connections if encryptionedd connections attempt fails
    allow non-encrypted incoming connections

Raise the encrypted transport level!!! to the highest setting

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Isn’t it only for 10GB, then what?

Then you wait a month . You aint gonna tell me that you’re going to download (non-bussiness use) more than 10gb without downloading illegal material :).


Then you wait a month .
or you can use the paid version of trustconnect (Basicly CIS PRO)

Unlike other places, you know you can trust comodo for VPN :slight_smile: Also with other places, you don’t know who owns the site. Comodo offers VPN with security in mind. Also I’m willing to bet you don’t even know who’s operating or maintaining a VPN at other places. The data is safe at comodo and comodo won’t sell your information and/or pc specs to the highest bidder (usually marketing)

Hell, While were at it, what about the people that maintain the VPN.

  1. Is it a small company, big company.???
  2. Don’t forget the employees that maintain VPN (Did they pass a background check) or is it a out-of-the-bluel vpn and/or proxy site.
  3. Is it a new site and/or company ???

While I can go on, but you get the idea.

I get the following message “The software you are installing for this hardware: TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibilty with Windows XP. Continuing your installation of this software may impair or destabailize the correct operation of your system either immediatly or in the future.Microsoft strongly…”. And so it goes on. The program wont work unless I install the TAP-win32 Adapter V9.

TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibilty with Windows XP
Many people with windows XP have installed it. (I've installed it on 3 XP computers with the same warnings with no problem (or at the very least nobody complaints about it later)

I could only think of 3 possible reasons why

  1. you have a old computer
  2. you have a odd computer branded machine. <—witch would explain that it’s saying there may be non-compilable hardware
  3. Or the the worst case senerio, your computer may have problems (Like it’s running fine, but fragile)

My computer is relativly new, (all good brands of hardware) and has been tested under stress tests.

It’s OK. This is Microsoft’s way of saying “Your driver is probably OK, but you didn’t pay us to test and certify your driver, so we’ll pop up a scary looking alert for the users until you do.”.

If you install a driver that doesn’t display this alert, this means the authors of the driver have paid a fee to Mcrosoft’s Hardware Qualification labs to test that it works and certify it if it does.

Ewen :slight_smile:

You could try playing the integrity card and pay for additional capacity. 88)

C’mon - 10GB of pron a month is enough for anyone - even if you’re married. :wink:

If you run a bit torrent app with a firewall set to outgoing only, you will probably eventually be banned from downloading. Bit torrent depends on it’s users allowing other users to download from them. People who do not allow this are branded as “leechers” and highly frowned on. I use uTorrent and get the torrents from Isohunt. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to since they are being hounded in the same way Mininova was and Mininova is now dead.

If you scan the downloaded files with your AV of choice and also with something like Malwarebytes, you should be okay. The added security of D+ is also a great thing to have.

All in all Bittorrent technology is outdated IMO,there are far better means to get what you need nowadays.

It’s worth mentioning that with Limewire at least,if you don’t configure it to restrict which files are ‘shared’ then your data could be compromised by anyone doing a search on your IP address within the downloads panel.I’ve seen many cases where ‘My Documents’ is shared as a whole and all manner of files that I’m sure the user didn’t intend for public viewing were accessible.

You guys need to do some research on Utorrent and it’s partners.

Closed Source, Partnered with anti piracy groups and big time names like Paramount,Walt Disney, Sony and the list goes on. Some big names there.

Go with an open source torrent client, you know what you get.

I don’t believe that about uTorrent. The torrent sites wouldn’t recommend using it if that was true.


You guys need to do some research on Utorrent and it's partners.
I know what your saying, but I know it's not backdoored (to the riaa and mpaa). If it was, it would have been exposed by now. I mean, look how big utorrent is compaired to windows is. People are exposing windows to secretly phoning home with stuff (let's say info some people would not approve of). And windows is huge. Look how big utorrent is. With about 300 kb's big (give or take). There's not that many line of code that utorrent can hide. If it was there, it would have been exposed by now.