Are COMODO betatesters doing seriously their job?

Everytime a new CIS version comes out, I see pages and pages of people reporting immediately (I mean the same day) new bugs so I wonder if this is due to bad betatesters. ???

You are wrong, the betatesters have reported docens of bugs in the last RC, all of them are still present the FINAL v4.
The problem is that Comodo have not fixed any of them, the only change from the RC to the final is a little feature in the sandbox.

I mean they dont care a lot the quality of the product is just marketing, some old big bugs that were in v3 are now present in V4 and were reported 1 year ago

They have not spend 5 minutes in test the sanbox, you only need to install any rogue with ComodoV4 and see how easily you pc get infected with the rogue in the sandbox, also the applications in the sandbox are able to connect to internet without asking you.

So we can say that betatesters do their (dirty :wink: ) job but their contribution is scarcely considered ???

Yes more or less, this Final version should be a RC2, IMO they need like 1 month more to fix all the bugs in v4

Well well. I do wonder as i have just tested a zero day trojan and the sandbox popped up and said it has isolated the app. I then did a scan with Hitman pro and it picked up the trojan?. Does this mean what i think it means, ie the sandbox aint isolated anything and it sailed through?. If it did not isolate the trojan then i am glad i have Shadow Defender, reboot and bingo! its gone. Perhaps a few comments from the forum guys?.


No, this is a feature of the sandbox, I mean you can run anything in the sanbox that will infect the computer ;D

This new super technology is called DEFAULT DENY INFECTION

But this is funny I think that the programmers of comodo havent spend 5 minutes in test the sandbox agains any malware.

Ok, I can rest a while whilst lordraiden does my job and thoughts with my words. ;D

Don’t you think the trojan was kept in the sandbox folder? It sits there freely.
As freely as it can take any data and send it through the firewall. I can’t get it.

Now is your turn, I have to sleep ;D good luck

First of all. Bugs do get fixed; with one of the public test versions as many as 127. Bugs however do get prioritized and not all bugs will get fixed for the final release.

Stop spreading ideas without corroboration. If you want to criticise CIS at least have the decency to corroborate this instead of spreading disinformation over the forums.

Consider yourself warned for the latter nor for the former.

My ideas are corroborated, as I said before try to install any rogue with the sandbox. The problem is that you have a blind faith in comodo and you dont want to admit it.

Oh, my bad! I’m silent until my sense of humor is lost and my thought’s shape gets a positive energy. Really sorry.

Saying you can still doesn’t corroborate.

Why don’t you make it a topic in the bug board instead of going all over the forums with half ■■■ accusations? In the topic you can and describe in more detail where things go wrong according to you.

Why would he need to? He mentioned that all ready reported bugs still exist.
He is not trolling, apart from the release of V4 there has not been any problems on his part. It’s purely his opinion and frustration\upset with what he and others think is the poor quality of V4.

I don’t understand this;

I didn’t know that giving your opinion and criticism has to be corroborated ? I was always under the impression that it is yours, and yours alone.

Then you finish off with a threat against an opposing\negative opinion, What is this?! this is in a feedback board to say the least. That is very narrow minded.

Not all bugs do get fixed as fast if we would like to… making half ■■■ accusations all over the forums without references, and sometimes hijacking topics, only leads to needless confusion.

Honestly Eric, I don’t think your helping the situation by trying to suppress a person(s) opinion… It’s not worth it dude, you won’t convince them and if anything your adding to the frustration… You only need to step in when someones breaking forum policy (which he’s not)

EDIT:: You were asking for a refferance ?? This was in the first reply of lordraiden.

So lets see how long it will be before Eric takes back his odd warning…(Sorry mate but it was.)

There’s no excuse for the final version containing all these bugs and security holes. We have every right to criticize this release and point out the major flaws.

Everything lordraiden has said is true. No need to get butthurt because people don’t talk nicely about your favorite security suite.

This thread started with a deragatory tone and has gone downhill since.

Frustration is high given the number and scope of the bugs present in V4 but please keep things productive and civil.

That’s a topic hijack. He never took any interest in that topic even though he registered at November 1 2007. He didn’t contribute anything to the mentioned topic other than launching an unsubstantiated claim.

Well, people don’t like being ignored. I like Comodo, I really do, and I want to use it as my main security suite like I used to… but there are issues that push me away and stop that. That fullscreen bug was what stopped me from using Comodo for the first time, and even though it came to light as an issue a long time ago, it still has not been fixed. As far as we know, the issue is being ignored by the devs as they haven’t yet spoken about the issue.

And now we have some fatal flaws in the sandbox. I really want to use Comodo again, but they really need to focus more on fixing bugs and testing the software. A security program is probably the most important part of anyone’s PC, and it’s something that simply cannot be released to the public in a half-assed state.