Are COMODO betatesters doing seriously their job?

The full screen block when going to full screen is a weak spot of course. It brings a lot of lot of topics about the same thing. On a side note, that topic is about another problem with 64 bits Windows where a black screen occurs.

And now we have some fatal flaws in the sandbox. I really want to use Comodo again, but they really need to focus more on fixing bugs and testing the software. A security program is probably the most important part of anyone's PC, and it's something that simply cannot be released to the public in a half-assed state.
First of all: [quote="EricJH post:22, topic:248880"] That was a big risk you took there. There's no fun and no joy to be had there when having to do a clean OS install. Sorry to hear it hit your system so bad..... I only sorta read that in your topic start... my bad. [/quote] My apologies for not taking into account enough that you suffered severe damage to your system.

Still I see no need to sympathise with lordraiden hijacking this particular topic. His reply to the topic is unrelated to the topic and only shares a sense of frustration. Your problem already has devs attention. Who could ask for more?

There is a lot of frustration, I’m dealing with a bug that has its roots in at least MAY of 2008 (as posted on this very forum) and maybe even before that! :o Bugs that are this old should have been fixed long ago. I don’t wanna fan the flames but really?

For what it’s worth,

First, I believe Comodo release their products way to soon and not fully tested. This is, after all, a security product, not some insignificant desktop application.

I assume there are internal testers that are supposed to give their nod of approval before something is made available to the forum users, but I have to wonder what their guidelines are.

Second, from what I’ve seen, when a new release is made available, there are never seems to be a useful change log, just some devs three or four line observations. I seem to remember reading somewhere that when asked for a useful change log this dev said it was to complicated, or something similar, which is condescending in the extreme.

On a slightly off topic subject, I can’t believe they have included the Ask search again. After the controversy surrounding this before, it’s really quite bizarre.

“On a slightly off topic subject, I can’t believe they have included the Ask search again. After the controversy surrounding this before, it’s really quite bizarre.”


A lot of other programs do this as well not just Comodo,you have to realize that this is after all a free program, so it sometimes is a way to make some revenue.
I would be more upset if you could not opt out of it, some programs in the past were notorious for installing a bunch of ■■■■ without your knowledge.
As everyone knows Google is the big player as far as search engines go, so I really can not understand the logic.

hi all

i support lordaiden statement :-TU , why they didn’t add shortcut keys to disable / enable HIPS protection when eggman says it be added to version 4?? huh?? they should take ppl comment in this place more seriously than just release a new build untested and not according to their state before .

EricJH with all the respect ppl can says what ever their experience with CIS or another comodo product , this is forums all about mate, so chill out and maybe ppl like lordaiden and also me should take more seriously :slight_smile:


other then the sandbox, it’s still the best damm firewall with hips

I can't believe they have included the Ask search again.
It's more like offered, but I'm sure you rejected it.(right?) Theirs a popular program called "utorrent" offers the ask search, but I don't see anybody complaining about that

There is a saying that goes like this-
You can please some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time. We can be thankful that Melih has the vision he has regarding internet security otherwise not one single person here on these forums would have a totaly FREE product. So where would that leave you all. Me personally, my new version works perfectly so I don’t know what is wrong with your systems. Leak test 340/340, GRC full stealth.
There may be some bugs around but they will be sorted out. I’m not sure how many hours or how many devs it took to develop this FREE product but when you look at the hourly rate per person, this becomes a very big investment eg 1 person x $30 per hour by 500 hours x 10 people=$150,000. Are there any takers out there who complain about a FREE product who would like to put up this sort of money and I am sure that Melih would tell me that I am well short of the mark. If there isn’t then why don’t we all try to assist Melih and the gang instead of whinging and a turtle, a turtle sitting on a rocking about this or that. These forums are there so constructive critisim can be given and not to be used as a tongue lashing excercise.
shadha :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: :comodo110:

[at]Cavct and jay2007tech

Thank you for your comments, but you both completely missed the point.

Incidentally, you don’t have to install utorrent, simply create a settings.dat file and place it in the same directory as the utorrent exe. It doesn’t even run the installation.

Personally I don’t give a rats what additional toobars are ‘offerd’ by application installers, as they will never find space on my system.

Anyway, I’ll be accused of thread hijacking next so don’t bother to comment here.

Hi Guys. Just to let you know i have a little good news. Although the sandbox seemed to let the trojan in my previous post sail right on and over the horizon to potentially cause havoc, i did a scan with Cavs and it picked up the self same trojan which is good in the sense it was zero day and some other scanners namely Prevx A squared Avira and Nod32 missed it.

This does not help though with the false sense of security the sandbox gave me. if i had not done 2 other scans that trojan would presumably have been still on my system until i got round to an on demand scan or re booted with Shadow defender, by which time it may have caused damage or stole info.I think i will give the sandbox a miss for the time being and see what the Devs do about it.


As for structural criticism. As far as i know and remember the forum contains bags of the detailed information about bugs/errors of CFP/CIS which were not fixed because of one or another reason.

After that these are not some forward pupils go mad, interests of many users are affected, and it is splashed out outside.

Dangerous tendency for Comodo to take indifferently the quality (in terms of bugs) of the produced software products. Even despite of the fact that CIS generally is excellent and free of charge.

P.S. For “corroborations” forum can be examined. I believe even archieved boards may contain topical information.

I completely agree with you SS26.

I see lot of people not happy, certainly the same keepon asking when will be final comodo 4 blabla
And your post is useless, totaly,
if you find a problem, make a report, but something with the details needed,
that way, it will help,
people complaining there, did you help somewhere ?
oh yes repeating ten times that this bug was allready there for so long…
stop posting your ■■■■ about this first release,
and if you know this forum, if u follow sometimes,
your posts don’t represent 1 second what is usual to see here,
this place is known for the help you can find,
admins and mods never take the big head and use their rights for personal reason.
i see complains but don’t forget all that is done for free.
are you working for free and then receive complains as thank you ?
So, there’s no need to post your anger cause things are not going like you decide,
and instead, give concret feedback or shut up !
comodo always release a lot of builds, they’re able to fix things in no time
as competitors are not even able to release a final 64bit version of their products.
you complain about the sandbox but who has released a full working 64bit version of a sandbox ?
i know the answer : no one, there’s no 64bit sandbox that works fine.
don’t tell me sandboxie as it’s now supporting again 64bit, the coder talks about the difference between the 32 and 64, with conclusion that 64bit is limited cause of the guardian kernel so it’s not as secure as 32bit.
i read that comodo sandbox 32 and 64bit work exactly the same way.
so sandboxie is a good soft but it was coded for 32bit and now the coder doesnt want to restart from the begining.
hopefully, comodo restarted all from comodo 2 to 3…

I agree, im using CIS4 yes we still bugs but they will fix the issues. i like it so far. very quit.

thank you Comodo Team!

For whom it is addressed?

Ouch! What’s that thing on the road? :D: Oh, it’s a piece of cr… Let’s take it - it’s free! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. You think anybody takes Comodo because it’s just free? Nobody says CIS in the whole is a … Just opposite. The Public Opinion is being made just like this - discussing it in the public forums, didn’t you know? And the product is getting better not only due to amount of thanks’. People are discussing because they’re interested which is much better than if they just pass by indifferently. That’s my IMHO. Although Thanks’ is also a good idea. Just a little emotionally, that’s it.

Default infection ha ha ha nice one!

patrice58: I wouldn’t laugh too loud… it took you several months to get that. :slight_smile:


Reading this old thread is some real entertainment, kail

… and it does not matter how many months it take “to get that”

I was posting about “this Sandbox will never work” way before it was released (please find the threads)

Then I tested it - sure anything can escape out this “sandbox” … this is not not a sandbox by any means
… then, some mods here, who are basically placing a lot of “clapping smileys” (:CLP) regarding any release of CIS immediately (no matter how many bugs it contains) said that:
“I was repeating myself” … so what? I do
I would get the replies from Melih: “…please give us a particular example and we will fix it …”
Oh My ! That is not fixable (application by application… “reported”) - that was a point in the 1st place
You cannot fix this because of the concept & implementation!

Even if this “sandbox” is disabled - you have additional different troubles with the Software. Period!

3.14 Firewall is still working strong

The beta testers do their job … but it seems like there is no way to convince the developers - that is an issue #1

Live with it if you want, or reverse back - you will be more protected (sure including that you will use additional security layers)

…anyway - regarding the topic subject - beta or any testers are not those to be blamed


I use CIS 4.1 in WIN 7 64 Home premium ;D
It works better than many previous versions if it is the only installed security software.
Some previous versions had many problems but this one is one of the best if you compare it
with the competitors.(I sometimes test them like most of you in this forum).