AntiSpam 2.1 Will not download emails


Having previously used the old 2005 version perfectly happily for the trial period, I was unable to activate the software for various unexplained (by support) reasons, so I upgraded to version 2.1, as this would solve my activation issue, and now no emails are downloaded at all. Nothing appears in the QDB.

I was previously running Norton Corporate Antivirus which has since expired so I am running Norton Internet Security 2009 now.

Even when I turn email scanning off I receive no emails either in the QDB or in my Inbox.

Anyone got any ideas?


Hi Catalist:

   Comodo AnstiSpam2.1 is not work properly with Norton Internet Security 2009 if it enable it's mail scanning function, include incoming and outgoing mail scanning. Please make sure you have both closed those two functions.
   Hope this helps!
   If you have more question, please feel free to post on forum.

Do you have any idea when it will work properly as I do not want to disable email scanning?

OK. I tried disabling Norton Internet Security - and it made no difference. CAS still does not retrieve any emails.

Hi Catalist:

    Do you have other antivirus products or firewall products installled in your computer?

No. I get the little pop-up saying that CAS is Purging Old Messages and Updating Approved Items and that’s as far as it goes.

Hi Catalist:

 Do you mean the little pop-up staying and not vanishing?

No, the pop-up says Purging Old Messages and then Updating Approved Items and then it disappears.

Hi Catalist:
I have another two questions:

    1. What mail client do you use here?
    2. Does you mail server require SPA(secrure password authentication)? 
    Please refer to below image in attachemt, do you select the checkbox in your accounts settings?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Junhua,

I use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

No The Server does not require SPA.

I haven’t changed any settings to do with the email accounts from when it used to work with CAS version 1.01!



Hi Catalist:

  I have not got Outlook 2007, we will try it later.
  By the way, would you please tell us the OS you use? XP or XP home, or Vista?

I Use XP Professional.

Anyone have anything on this one?

Hi Catalist:

    I could not reproduce your problems on my PC.
    Maybe I need do more test and trying.
    Did you remove all the settings and Quarantine database when you unintall CAS1.01?

Hi Junhua,

Yes, I removed everything.



Please try the below procedure to solve your issue.

Open Comodo Antispam configuration window then switch to ‘Authentication Database’, where you could edit your
white-list and black-list for your accounts. You could use ‘Import’ function to import your contacts from outlook so all your contacts in outlook will be added into your white-list then you can get their e-mails without any problem.


I use outlook express and my emails won’t come through either. I can stop the anti-spam and I have 150-200 emails come through and only a few of them are spam. Any suggestions.

Hi Sstrikeforce:
Could you see your e-mails in the quarantine database of Comodo AntiApam? If you found some non-spam e-mails in it, you could select them and click ‘Allow sender or allow domain’ to let e-mails go to your email clients’ inbox. This operation will build one white list for you and you only need do it once for same senders.

I have double checked and there wasn’t any emails in the quarantine section of anti-spam. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it very much.

Hi Sstrikeforce:

      I think you use Comodo AntiSpam 2.1, am i right?
      I suggest you install Comodo AntiSpam 2.5, I use it and it works fine with my outlook express.