Antihack hardware device + Firewall for unknown protocol + COMODO OS


Fighting existing threats is a never-ending pre-lost battle; its not fighting the right target. PC security devs, or device manufacturer’s?, must aim at innovative solution to stop the possibility of hacking.

  1. Maybe COMODO should release its own set of hardware devices.

Anyway, learning that CIS firewall doesnt block all internet communication protocols (such as P2P) really disappointed me as some online game can act as infection vector exploiting that feature. Thus, I point that a firewall which blocks all internet protocols would be needed, but then, if all protocols could be blocked, wouldnt hackers simply develop new protocol in order to hack? Thus, I stongly believe that an efficient way to work, instead of patching known vulnerabilities, would be to develop techology that defies the possibility itself of hacking, such as maybe:

  1. A firewall which blocks unknowns internet communication protocols and file transfer’s ones.

As far as I know, a metal cable of 1 meter, such as those found in PC mice, can capture wavelenght and thus can act as an antenna. How if LiFi going on btw?

  1. How about COMODO developping its own OS?

That way, COMODO would have full power to use all technologies in the OS as some are being denied by Windows…

Thanks for helping making the internet a safer place,


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With all the technologies that COMODO developped and arent still released, I think you guys have a solid background for making the safest OS.

Is the time for the OS market to flourish is now?