Anti Firmware Rootkit


I had the following idea more than 12 year ago and still the product hasn’t hit the market:

Why not making a database of every hardware’s firmware code (including all versions updates) and design an offline scan to scan and repair all PC components firmware?

That would be a real “deep scan” instead of scanning bytes on a hard drive…

In my opinion, we are at the Stone Age of PC defense protection with the current antiviruses on the market. There’s not a single company that seem to dare making the perfect swiss-knife tool for defense system for common PC user (above what I’ve just depicted; including connection monitoring to detect malware progression and scanning RAM of all PC components (CPU, GPU, monitor, mouse and keyboard). Instead current marketing aims to rise subscription price to sell unwanted VPN product.

Hackers sometimes seem to have more creativity than antiviruses’ development teams or sale’s teams.

Hoping to see such a product soon.^^