Announcing Comodo Secure DNS Service

Still in the working and being tweaked Comodo Secure DNS now has a face lift. Now users can not only enjoy great DNS service but now also enable content filters at a network level to help prevent unwanted content from being accessed in your network or home.

This is a sneak peek so we are looking for your feedback. To access this new great service please reference our instructions for configuring your computer to use our new DNS service.

To use the new content filters simply create an account, add your network and set the categories of domains you do not wish to have in your network.

If you feel that one of our content filters are incorrect, we apologize and would ask for you to fill out this form to let us know.


mod edit: email address fixed. kail

excellent work guys!

When I chose my network and trying to access for example “Ad settings” it says me that I have to chose network first, but i have chosen already.

Are you by chance blocking/forging your referrer header? This will break the category selection.

No I don’t(I’m not aware of any).
I tested it on Dragon and IE - both the same result.

Is Javascript blocked/disabled?

Edit: Wait, nevermind… Yes, the only function from the dashboard that works is the category settings.

entered comdo dns on my laptop(wireless),i set up an account,created a network and chose to block adult but when testing i could go to any adult ■■■■■ site?what am i doing wrong?

You did nothing wrong.
It is the Service.
The service is still being worked on.
It is a very early sneak peak beta.
I can still porn up too. :o


We do see this, and it’s an early feature that isn’t to be released yet. So please forgive that, it will be removed from the UI shortly.

If anyone runs into any issues, this could be due to new routes and servers being played with, only a couple of our locations are online for this sneak peek. If you do have any issues with connectivity or failed resolutions please post or email us a traceroute / tracepath to the name servers address: and


it will be removed from the UI shortly.

So you mean that it will be fixed? :slight_smile:

And yes, for me nothings was blocked so far as well.

Some years ago I’ve used OpenDNS and registered my business network in my notebook.
Then the IT guy come blaming me that all traffic was being directed by OpenDNS in the enterprise.
Is there a way to get the filters without messing the business network when I connect it?

Awsome work guys! Looking forward to trying this out!

Yes absolutely, you will find all of the instructions you need to update your computer to use our DNS service on our site here:

you can do it browser specific if you want…Dragon have the feature to use our securedns …so you would only be using our dns while using dragon for example…(however its not the new securedns).

I know how to do it in my computer. No problem.
The problem comes when you register a network to use the filters (all the network is being registered, not my computer only). The IT guy will blame me again :slight_smile: The same happened with OpenDNS. I mean, the DNS block filter requires or not the including the whole network?
For parental control I use K9, then the filters are allowed/blocked using a local proxy driver.

Melih, thanks, but I have 4 browsers in my computer :slight_smile:

I’ve registered and as I’ve thought… I will affect all the network as per IP basis. All other computers in the network will use that DNS.

[attachment deleted by admin]

These DNS still don’t work for me… I mean nothing what should be blocked was blocked and this bug with settings on the page… :slight_smile:
However this is BETA.


Changing the DNS settings on your machine can not possibly affect the settings of any other machine on the network…


He can change any single machines DNS to Comodo DNS.
But to use the Secure DNS Filtering you have to register a Network based on your external IP.

So yes it will effect the Network.