Announcement: COMODO Firewall Pro RC1 Released [Closed]

Hi Guys,

I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Firewall Pro RC1.

What’s New ?

  • This release is mostly about the fixes for the small bugs reported by our beta testers.
  • Some stability issues are resolved

Known Issues

  • In some PC configurations, Defense+ may report partial functionality error
  • DoS detection is not active yet
  • Predefined rulesets(Firewall and Defense+) are not final yet

For 32 Bit Operating Systems(XP or later)

For 64 Bit Operating Systems(except IA64)

Thank you,


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i have used Comodo 2.4 Firewall all the Time today i want to install the RC1 but my os is not more supported. So should i switch to another firewall or whatz is the Problem before i had no problems. I am using Windows 2003 SP2

you can continue using CPF 2.4 until we support your OS…

Thanks downloading RC1 now.

I will give it a try, right now downloading (:KWL)


Will this version be compatible with Spyware Doctor?


Sorry for my language but. Holy ■■■■ that was fast. Melih you allow steroids for staff use?

I agree with the second sentence! :SMLR

I was as well surprised ,positively, seeing that happen, while I still dig in the configuration possibilities of the 10.238… (:TNG)

As for the third, I think devotion is the greatest natural “steroid”! (:LGH)


I did not notice this warning in the last Beta. I guess I’ll have to uninstall PG in order to keep testing the HIPS. :slight_smile: I understand what incompatible means, but does anyone have any details on the incompatibilities. SpywareTerminator has HIPs too and the installer doesn’t seem to mind that

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The best just got better

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Toshiba P205, Vista Ultimate, running Avast! Let Comodo uninstall 3.0.10, then installed 3.0.11. Firewall does not work! System Status says “the firewall is not functioning properly”, trying to run diagnostics gets message “failed to start diagnostics”, no connections are recognized, no firewall rules are added, … Firewall is dead! dead! dead! Will try a reinstall.

Did you restart after uninstalling previous version. Or was any special procedures done? (ie…safemode)

Same problem as previously reported. RC1 still leaks :slight_smile:;msg98361#msg98361


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Did a restart ad directed. Then a reinstall, which now says everything is fine but the firewall is still dead! No connections, no alerts, nada! But Defense+ appears to work just fine. Will try a reinstall using the usual remove instead of the installer. But currently firewall is showing only the default comodo etc. stuff, but everything exectutes just fine, like there is no firewall at all.

Firewall still dead after removal from control panel, reinstall. Say firewall is not working properly, but won’t run diagnostics there. When diagnostics run from elsewhere, say no problem. No connections shown, etc. Firewall is just plain inoperative. Currently running Windows firewall in parallel to at least provide a firewall, Next step is to remove Comodo and try again when it is final. Big disappointment, since 3.0.10 performed very well.

This is weird. Comodo defence+ detects it as accessing service control manager yet cannot block it?

Works fine for me - x64 version on Vista Ultimate.

Yes I would also like to know this. If I recall somebody else asked this same question from the last beta and never got a response to his question. (since no one was willing to respond then I guess it’s not compatible.) (:SAD)

If this version is indeed not compatible with spyware doctor, will the final version become compatible?

I think as long as defence+ is off than it will not be a problem.

Very cool guys! I just installed it. It seemed to install better than the last beta version–the learning process seemed to go smoother. I have yet to install it on my other XP and Vista. Right now in a motel room using the new version. I have not seen any one try to access my computer yet–I have had some attempts made previous to my use of Comodo firewall.
Great job.