An Innovative Product to Secure your email, painlessly!

Comodo Secure Email Beta 1

Comodo is proud to announce the first beta release of Comodo SecureEmail. We are making this beta available for testers and general users alike and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions on our forums.

Comodo SecureEmail Beta 1, all subsequent beta versions and the final release version will each be available free to both home and business users (only certificates will be charged for commercial use, the software is free). Personal use everything is free

Comodo Secure Email: Brief Overview
A major problem with current e-mail encryption systems is securing e-mail to recipients for whom a public key certificate is not present on the system, either because the system just does not have the recipient’s certificate installed or the recipient does not have a public key certificate. This poses a security issue because e-mail can never be encrypted unless both parties had first exchanged public keys via digitally signed emails. Also, many users never bother to obtain a digital certificate and therefore never adopt the practice of securely encrypting their email communication.

Comodo SecureEmail overcomes this traditional restriction of secure messaging by automatically generating a unique; ‘single-use’ session certificate to encrypt outgoing emails to recipients whenever an email certificate is not present on the system. The application also contains a built in wizard that offers fast and easy sign-up and installation of Comodo Free Email certificates.

Current Feature Set:
Encrypt e-mail for contacts where a digital certificate for that contact is not present on the system
Encrypt e-mail for contacts where a digital certificate for that contact is present on the system
Enable encryption for those e-mail clients that don’t have e-mail encryption in their feature set, such as IncrediMail and others, plus support for automatic signing and decryption to come in future versions
Allow users an easy sign-up with automatic collection and installation of Comodo CA’s Free E-mail Certificates
Update contacts who have sent a temporary one-use e-mail to you, with your current e-mail certificate via a Credentials Update E-mail
Can be configured to automatically install credentials found in Credentials Update E-mails
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 2000/Windows XP
Supports Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird

Download Comodo Secure Email Beta 1

oh… btw… did i mention this is Patent pending product Yep… we innovated this baby…



Wow, patent pending, you must be so proud!

Yep, we are :slight_smile:


Sounds really good. When I intall the program and my (Outlook/Thunderbird) contacts do the same we no longer have to use Mailvault? Cool!

Patent pending? Congratulations. (R)

Downloaded and installed on Vista. Of course I didnt expect it to work fully in Vista (I cant go through the wizard) but it intercepts the sending and notifies me that it is uncrypted and I dont have a certificate of the recipient and asks me if I want to send a single use certificat. Nice.

I will install it on XP to get it to work right.

Hi Melih,

  • the attached help isn’t working
  • will there be a switch to hide send/receive progress window? (important feature request)
  • you aren’t checking request validity, so i can spam anyone
  • will this work with freemail addresses? (eg.,, etc.)
  • right now i didn’t get the cert for the request (from the app), is that normal?
  • write example for domain format (eg. or [ at ]

Also, the license text just says “license”… not very Professional, not even for Comodo. (:LGH)

It is still a beta, but thanks for pointing that out.

ewen :slight_smile:

excellent :slight_smile:

it still is beta… but it works :slight_smile:

so pls tell us how we can improve it or any bugs you find pls.

Good idea, but it can’t be used on ppl who use webmail like gmail/yahoomail/hotmail etc. May be something can be done.

I guess that means they have to pay. By the way I am actually thinking about something like hushmail.

why not?
you receive the email: you forward it to a secure comodo email address… then you receive a link to read the email!

it works with all kinds of email clients… including web based (:NRD)


Sounds impressive, I would like 2 give it a try.


nice job… :wink:

guess now I have something to talk about o those Network security classes (we talk about encriptions using DES, AES, those kind of things)

again Comodo rules (R)

Thanks SpacemanPT :slight_smile:


I am a first time forum user, so please forgive me any mistakes I make.
I have just recently aquired C.O.M.O.D.O, after seeing it on the email I received from a friend.
I went on line and dowloaded it and am so far extremely happy with it. Thank YOU!!! (:CLP)

Okay, the problem that I have is that when I send an email to more than one recipient, they are receiving it up to 5, and sometimes 7 times, even though I only click send once!!!
I only send the email once, but it just keeps going and going and going…
This does not happen when I am sending to just one recipient, only multiple, amd usually Powerpoint presentations, or Media Player and the like.
Is there a setting I need to change, or is it more in depth than that.
My PC guy is out of town for the weekend, so I won’t be able to allow im to check it out until next weekend…

Please help this poor sad old woman!!! (:LOV)

Which product are you using Wicky_Lady?
is it the Antispam product, or Anti virus ?



here is the error I get when installing with released version of Thunderbird.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Unfortunately, TBird is not supported for the email certs at this point.


TBird not supported??? :S

It’s working fine with my TBird :S