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Work Comodo AV with IncrediMail ?
How ned settting “E-mail Scan”


Hi all,

I’ll give a whirl and see how it works. Is this different than using T-Bird + GnuPG + enigmail?

there is nothing like this in the market to my knowledge…


Hi all,

Can anyone help me!!

I have tried to install CSE but every time i do so it blocks my internet connection?I then have to restore to an earlier date to fix the problem!!

Just a thought…Do i have to download it with ie, as i have been downloading it using FireFox…

(pls keep answers simple as i am a novice pc user

Many thnx (:WIN)

Sorry guys i have read a bit more into this and now know that, i have to download with ie.

thnx novieiam :■■■■

oh good to hear…
pls tell us what you think of it…

we would love to hear…


Hi Melih,

Just tried to collect a email certificate, but the webpage for collection throughs an error (#438) :-\

Is there any alternate means to collect a certificate?



hello Gary

Nice to hear from you :slight_smile:

you can simply go to our website and get a cert. at the moment it only works with IE…

Send me a PM, i will send you the latest version with more bug fixes…



have you ever heard of Ciphire ( From what I have read on the internet (from Bruce Schneier, e.g.) Ciphire is a secure and very well thought out tool for on-the-fly email encryption and signature/certificate management. However, so far you have to rely on their infrastructure for certificate management, though. I’ve tested (hell, I even got a cool Ciphire t-shirt and stickers for reporting a bug in their beta versions!), used and advertised their product for almost 3 years, but unfortunately I have not been able to convince any of my friends or colleagues to use it permanently. Maybe you can collaborate with them and add some of their technologies/ideas?
I think user-friendly certificate handling and managament (renewal/revocation) as well as email encryption for the masses still has market potential!

Hi Lars

Their website says that product is no longer available.



Transient certificate management as a means of verifiying the ID of a person or software object across multiple loctions.

Where have I heard that before?
And you said it couldn’t be done.


Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi, Melih,
please find attached two PDF files that both describe and review Ciphire Mail. I heard rumors about them shutting down their free service, but I never thought they would ‘cease to exist’ that fast …

[attachment deleted by admin]

[attachment deleted by admin]

the biggest problem is: how do you send an encrypted email to someone who has no public key (digital cert)?

that is the problem we solve with our solution.

With our system you don’t have to decide whether you should send encrypted or not, its a touch free system!


Sure, but I assume with CSE the subject as well as the information about the sender of the message is not encrypted. With Ciphire, even the name of the sender and the subject was encrypted. This was one of the main advantages with Ciphire, IMHO, providing total encryption for email communication.

As Ciphire is no longer available I am using as a certificate issued by Comodo and Outlook’s signature and encryption feature. However, as said before, only the mailbody and the occasional attachement are encrypted, everything else is in plaintext.

Have you received any feedback or even reviews from people like Bruce Schneier for CSE?

Will you publish the source of CSE so everybody has a chance to find any backdoors? :wink:


CSE is not open source, hence we won’t publish the source code at this stage.

Using central servers, one can encrypt info on sender and subject etc, however not sure if this is the threat model here that we are trying to resolve. The threat model is not to hide who is communicating with who, but the content. But of course we can add this layer on top of CSE very easily.

I reviewed CSE and gave a thumbs up :wink:


Thanks. I would like to see the ‘But of course we can add this layer on top of CSE very easily.’ part in the final product then. Looking forward to the final product!

Publishing the source would create even more trust, IMHO. :slight_smile:



The Comodo Secure Email Beta 2 work with Windows Live Mail? ???



Hi -

I have a Compaq Laptop running MS Vista and Office 2007. I am using MS Outlook 2007 as well as webmails - gmail and hotmail.

Having gone through a number of email security programs, I finally decided to try signing up for a free Comodo Email Certificate, which refused to be downloaded by IE even after setting it to trusted and installing the activeX (:AGY). Tried downloading with Firefox and lo…it installed! But it was not to be as even though the message said it was installed, but in Outlook it was nowhere to be found! (:AGY)

Finally I installed Comodo Secureemail beta (I did not at first 'cos the site did not say it worked with Vista) and in terms of ease of use I must say that (R)…when it works…

The cert finally installed ok. I followed the settings instructions (both for SecureEmail and Outlook) and no matter what I settings I tried it was still sending email in clear text.

No email interception by SecureEmail, no dialog boxes, nothing. Finally, the only way I could send signed and encrypted messages was by setting outlook trust center settings to sign and encrypt emails. :-[

And I can’t get it to work with webmail and single use certificates! :THNK

To top it all off, now whenever I startup SecureEmail Configuration, I get a pop up box titled “configure” and the message “The parameter is incorrect.”

I don’t know what’s wrong. Are my settings incorrect? Is it a beta problem? Does it work properly with Vista? Is it an Outlook 2007 problem? How do I get single use certificates to work? Grrrrrr…somebody please help…