Alert the user when the adware program trying to install.

1. What actually happened or you saw:
One person has installed a CIS (default configuration) on the computer. After a while I noticed that the home page is changed and they are adware. Antivirus did not detect all the files.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Want to let it show because user CIS can be infected by adware.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Want to let it show, because we do not want adware. Here you need the option to:

  • Blocking change the home page
  • Block the installation of adware programs based on their behavior,
  • Clean infected by adware computer (browser setting reset, delete adware)
    4. Any other information:


Thank you for the positive feedback!

Please do reply Chiron. 88)


Do you believe that the Wish submitted here would suffice?


I would not think the other wish would do it since there are adware programs which as example install a toolbar or do other potentially unwanted stuff.

With the new version released today any unknown files will be run in the FV sandbox. Thus, the issue of them being able to affect the real browser should now be mitigated. Please let me know if you find otherwise.


This wish request is ambiguous due to the fact that you/we do not know which settings are ‘vulnerable’ or not.

I have a suggestion which might elucidate this one (just a bit, not entirely).
You should make use of KillSwitch, for example. Go to KillSwitch > “Tools” tab > Select “Quick repair…”. Now, you have a list with possible affected items. That’s it-- you have to test each one.

Hope it helps.

I will answer when I install CIS 8.

I know.
It’s just part of it. I wrote about the other functions too…

I appreciate it. I’ll wait for more details.

Thanks again.

As there has been no reply, I will move this report to “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.

Thank you.

No! Please wait few days. I’m sorry.

Sorry for late reply.
Theoretically, now the computer will be free of adware.
But there are two hooks:
1.The computer may be infected by adware before installing the CIS.
2. Downloader marked as trusted by COMODO may download adware and toolbars.


  1. CIS is designed to be installed on already clean machines. Comodo has made it clear many times that cleaning and protection are 2 very different things. CIS is used to protect your already clean computer from being infected. CCE is designed to clean your computer
    Protection vs Cleaning….two very different things!

  2. Are you saying that you want CIS to show an alert anytime a browser has its settings changed? Im trying to decipher how this is different than detection of PUAs

  1. No, when a program is changing the browser settings.

This sounds like the same wish as the one reported here

Do you agree?

No. This proposal is similar, but I want to let this to have the CIS module to protect against adware, namely:
Prevent installation of adware (something like Unchecky)
For more…Please read the first post in the topic.

I have looked through this and think such installations will be sandboxed if malicious. So when you run the browser in real next time they will not be there. If you think Comodo’s list of down-loaders includes adware programs you can remove them, or report them as falsely whitelisted.

Overall I think the other mods and this wish as currently expressed would not deliver value.

I will move to rejected for the moment, though you may challenge this if you wish.

Kind regards