Adblocker from Comodo - Windows, IOS and Android

Hi Guys,

Here is an adblocker that blocks “ALL” ads. Unlike other adblockers who shows you ads as they see fit, this does what you want it to :slight_smile: It block all display ads, period.

We have it for all platforms including, windows, IOS and Android.

As always, we are open to receiving your feedback.


I will check this on my Dragon. :-TU
Edit: It is AdblockPlus without plus ads. It looks like Adblock Edge with Comodo name.
It is nice to have an adblocker which really blocks ads. (uBlock Origin and Comodo Adblocker :-TU )

Melih, will you integrate this into Comodo Browsers and Comodo Savungan Mobile Antivirus?

Interesting, thanks Melih. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

Great. Should we expect filters from Comodo?

I do not think so and I do not want this,too. There are many subscriptions already.
We can choose them on settings.

So far, the extension is wroking great on Dragon with 0 ad :-TU Finally, you did it.
I want to see this addon on Comodo browsers.

Hi, we are planning to have a distribution of our browsers with these Ad Blocker integrated. We will over the next week have a ad blocker based on uBlock.

For AntiVirus the answer again is yes we are looking into how to do this. :slight_smile:

May I ask how the Android version functions? Local VPN? External VPN? Other?

So there will be several ad blockers from Comodo based on different bases?

Be careful with this one, I recall Google not being all to accepting of adblockers on Google Play, wouldn’t want the Comodo Mobile AntiVirus to be removed. :-\

The Android version uses a local VPN with Comodo Secure DNS.

Yes, we have two ad blocking flavors for you for desktop.

The Google Play issue is a correct one. At this time our current AdBlocker is not in the Google Play Store for this reason but you can download it and install it by using the allow others sources setting. This is why in post I said we were investigating.

Filters represent the problem, actually. :slight_smile:

Will you release another ad blocker? Then why did you release this? I prefer uBlock based one. :-TU

Will there be a version for the pale moon browser.?

Copy any video link from youtube & paste on the above site & click continue
After the resolutions are available click start
After processing you will get a download option…clicking on downloads opens a new tab that is advertising page. This ad page is blocked by CAB on Firefox but not blocked by CAB on latest dragon.

Does not install on Firefox 43.0 not signed. Please get it signed.


What is the difference between comodo adblock and PrivDog ?

Is Comodo AdBlocker like Comodo Browsers CD/ID?
i.e CD/ID based on Chromium so upgrade dependability on Chrome… Likewise CAB based on ABP so upgrade dependability on ABP?

Comodo Adblock does what it says. It blocks all ads by default :-TU
PrivDog or Adsanitizer block ads but allows adtrustmedia ads by default and these two use the Comodo’s own adblock lists.

Any benchmarking done like ublock does…?
Is it using its own filters or adblock filters.If the former then i think we need some benchmarking on its effectiveness.
A script and tracker blocker must be integrated or there is no point using it over ublock origin which provides both functions.

we will also put a version based on ublock. This way our users will have the choice of technology.

uBlock or uBlock Origin? These two are very different

uBlock or uBlock Origin?
UO is the original one & superior IMHO.