A suggestion on making COMODO have 2 different interfaces

Hi here is just a suggestion, how about making CIS have 2 interfaces like a simple basic interface and a advanced user interface because I see many people are complaining about the new version and it lacking settings accurate spots for hips and such also for all those who are advanced users use proactive mode. ;D

I like this idea. I think this would solve many GUI issues which have been reported with this Beta.

It is, with respect to menu options, something I fully support.

+1 for the idea

Why not? But why only 2? :smiley:

Those are not themes just modes.

I think it’s a big mistake to try to create a product that appeals to both tablet and desktop users.

Usability takes a hit on both platforms.

I think Windows 8 isn’t going to sell well for this very reason.

Given the present status of CIS6 Beta, it is very much needed…

+1, I don’t like how there’s alot hidden away and it’s some sort of App system.

Sorry to be the one to disagree so far, but i honestly think there is no need to make two interfaces when one interface can simply work, both for Win7 and 8.

All AVs to date have been working ‘just fine’ for everybody with only one user interface. Why change that?!

I do agree however, that something must be done (urgently!) about this interface. It’s gorgeous (my opinion, ofcourse) but not even slightly functional. But lets not waste Comodo’s time and resources for making something that there is absolutely no need for.

IMO adding more userface modes will add more confusion for some users. :-TD

I think there should be a basic interface and an advanced interface.

The only difference between the two should be that instead of showing the big scan button on the front page it should display useful stats and links to running processes, sandboxed processes, etc… (similar to V5).

Other than that I think the rest should remain, for the most part the same, except perhaps the front screen could make linking to important advanced settings easier.

Not exactly, the average users who do not open advanced settings, do not alter the GUI anyway.

Those who alter it are the advanced users who want it that way…


And, I would like to see normal (small) font letters throughout the GUI, instead of this new large font…

The font looks fine to me. In fact the only real problem I have with this GUI, and perhaps this is just because I’ve gotten used to it, is that it makes finding the useful stats more difficult.

I might be wrong in my way of thinking but I see this is kind of implemented already.
Advanced users, open Advanced settings.
Don’t open Advanced Settings and there is your basic GUI for non advanced users.

I am not saying it hasn’t got room for some GUI tweaking.

Presently the basic GUI is not the intended basic GUI, but to some extent we can accept it(it is almost non intuitive in many cases, lacks most important, yet basic info/stats).

Advanced GUI is not the same as the present “Tasks” window, it is in fact not so advanced and functional either.

I agree, in part. Because even the most basic features like disabling AV FW and BB are hidden in the ‘basic’ gui. And i bet most newbish users will not even find these options until they press ‘Active’ by mistake.

As i can see so far, most Security software try to be metroized and touch friendly which I find silly as they are only usable in Desktop part of Win 8 and in this mode most users will dock their tablet to a keyboard and mouse.

That being said why not implement in CIS an auto pilot mode like in BitDefender which asks nearly no intervention from the user. That’ll be the mode for users who install a Security Suite and want to forget about it.

Hence 2 modes : Automatic and Custom.

Automatic : no tweaking offered

Custom : CIS must give the user the same manageability than in CIS 5 : summary page, smaller fonts mainly in popups, possibility to change the security level of each components via right clicking tray icon, easy way to find stuffs in the GUI

They’ll never do multiple interfaces. 88) They’ve decided to dumb it down to the max and it will stay this way.

Only way to change anything would be to modify what we have. Rearrange things a bit and stuff.