A Note To Gamers

If your a gamer like me and I play them all. Simply put Comodo Firewall in Training Mode and D+ in Training Mode. Then launch the game and play for a min or two. Do this with all your games and presto. Comodo will learn all the rules for firewall and D+. This works for PB also. After all games are learned then simple put the firewall and D+ setting back to where you had them before.

Excellent Advice Vettech!
this should be a sticky topic for all gamers to see




that was exactely my idea when installing Comodo Firewall… Strangely after a while Comodo forgot some rules and I had to do it again. I deinstalled the firewall now and will do a reinstall to see if it comes up again.

Has never forgetten any rules for me and I just did a fresh install on my laptop.

It will reprompt if the game gets patched or updated.

Other than that, this is a brilliant simple method of getting games online! The only caveat I have is that you do have to assume that the game is legit and has no other “sneaky” components that will try and phone home as part of the game executing.

Great work!!

Ewen :slight_smile:

When I mean games I am only talking about popular names. Not some game off some bs site. I play WOW,COD4,BF2,BF2142,TF2,COD2,Halo,TimeShift,SS2,C&C3…games that you need to buy and install off a cd.

I did not think it did reprompt. I thought it kept any rules already added.

I believe it will reprompt if the executable is changed.

Hey Panic tell Melih also that if “Game Mode” is enable the systray icon will be different. With ZA it shows a line through the icon and also gives you a pop up alert that game mode is on and doesnt go away till game mode is off.

yep! :wink:

WOW…nice to see alot of hits on my sticky. Hopefully this makes every gamer happy. (R)

I’m not quite sure where to put this, but I’m getting annoyed at the whole situation altogether.

I’m a gamer who plays Halo Custom Edition cracked, and I had installed Comodo Firewall Pro so I could block port 29910. Blocking that port meant that people could play on my dedicated servers. Anyway, after installing it, I had noticed that I cannot connect to anyone else’s servers, and no one can see or connect to mine. After an hour of frustration, I un-installed the firewall, and rebooted my computer. After that, I still cannot connect to any server or have people join or see mine. The weird thing is though, is that on my Halo:Combat Evolved for the PC, I can join any server, and have people join mine. I’ve gone through several uninstall, reinstall, reboot, etc. I have no other options and I’m extremely frustrated. Can someone help me?

Halo works for me. Sure its not your ■■■■■. You need a legal serial number.


You don’t support the software industry, but you expect it to support you. Bit rude, don’t you think?? 88)

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you Panic. Every game I ever played looks for your serial number when you go online. Especially any Steam game.

That comment shud show him the way Panic !! kill piracy!!!how do people accept cracked software to be safe?? :-[

I ran " no cd" cracks but thats only after I install a game. I don’t feel like inserting a cd or dvd just to play a game so I make an ISO image of the exe file from the cd and ran the game that way. you can also download a ■■■■■ from mega games which is legal. You need the game first and when you patch the game you need the original exe sometimes. Also when you patch a game it will automaticlly delete that ■■■■■ then prompt you to install the cd.

I am loosing my mind. I cannot play my favourite Games anymore online since i installed CFP. For example:

Urban Terror (free Game / total Conversion (stand alone) for Quake 3 → www.urbanterror.net)
Quake 3

I allowed these Games in CFP with everything I could find, but when it comes to connecting to a ONLINE Server, no chance. :frowning: Any tips are greatly appreciated, because I am so close before deinstalling CFP. :frowning: