A Nice article on PC Magazine about CPF :-)



Now people will read and start trying out this great Firewall, and it will get Comodo further to its goal of “Creating Trust Online™”.

Very nice article! And since it was posted by the american PC Magazine be sure that in a couple of months the europian versions of PC MAgazine will mention and most probably reward the CPF. Keep up the good work guys ;D

Yes this is wonderful, I can’t wait for more and more people to realize that the free Comodo Personal Firewall, Antivirus, Backup Utility, and Encryption Utility, are better then their $100 application suite they bought!

Nice article, but PC Mag and its related sites have become the worst kind of sites, full of advertising and pop-ups. It’s a tragedy to see what they have become, for anyone who remembers PC Mag during the 80s and early 90s when it was owned by Ziff Davis.


Thats cool 8)

Excellent to hear, some good reviews from respected sites like this is great publicity for Comodo so people can see what products Comodo offers.


and another one…


Not really…it’s the exact same article as the first one. ABC news is just referring to the PC Mag article. :slight_smile:

Good to see Comodo getting some exposure.

The more people that see what great products Comodo offer the better. There are still to many people that have not heard of Comodo, but thankfully that’s changing :smiley:


Wow it’s great that Comodo is finaly beginning to be heard of.

i’ve never heard of comodo before, and i just read the article today. i’m giving cpf a try right now and maybe the antivirus later on. so far so good!

Thanks HK-47.

We are here to help at every level.



I also tried out Comodo due to the review in PC Magazine. I probably wouldn’t have tried it out due to all the stuff I was reading about it being spyware and adware and all that nonsense.

So far I am pleased with the software, just trying the PF, but do feel that it uses up too much of my system’s resources. It is not a big deal now but I hope you guys can trim it down a little before I give your AV a go, which I definitely want to try out but think I will wait till it matures a little more.

Thank you for the great free software and I look forward to using more of your products in the future.


Thanks Major

We have a new version coming up early in July where the resource usage will have been drastically reduced.
thanks for trying out our software. Please feel free to comment as to how we can improve it further. We have wish lists for each product and you can come and make recommendations.



I have tried all the three products, i.e., the Comodo Antivirus, AntiSpam and Personal Firewall. In a nutshell, I think they are great products, however, I believe there are areas that should be looked into:

A. (In General )speed. Either, one among the three, or all of them combined, turn the PC they are residing on into a slow crawling tortise, I am talking about a P4 2.6GhzHT system with 1GB RAM running XP Pros; when compared to the same loaded with Avast! 4 pro and sygate

  1. Antivirus. It has a huge foot-print, ~ 53MB of RAM when checked using taskmanager, compared with AVG, or Avast, which typically occuppies about 12 - 17MB of RAM. It can be very taxing on performance on a PC with 256MB RAM or lower.

  2. AntiSpam. I think it is great but with one big Hiccup: While it send the challenge-e-mail to those apparently spam mails, whose e-mail addresses are usually 99.999% faked… I got bombarded with reply e-mail from servers on “Internet e-mail delivery failure” or “Maildeamon bla bla bla”…, using one of my old spam-ridden e-mail accounts, AntiSpam filtered all 300+ spams coming its way while got it bombarded with 300+ non-delivery notice. Well, talking about being…. Anyway, I think it will be great if user can at least choose not to have challenge-E-mail sent automatically.

  3. Personal Firewall. I think this is the jewel of the three. Highly configurable, flexible, and I think the performance and memory foot-print is good too! Just the kind of thing techie like me is looking for. However… there’s where the problem is too… You see, I am the only man (dad) in the house who knows about PC and software, like most typical family… Compared with Zonealarm and sygate, they need only configure once and the setting applies to all users (power users/limited users/Admin alike) Comodo apparently requires that settings be done for each users when they login! So over the weekend I was bombard so with “Dad! Why this…” “Dad!! What is that!!” “DEAR!! WHAT have you done to the PC it keep asking me….” I have to take down the new firewall and put up the old faithful Sygate (thank goodness I have a back up of the setting!)

I hope you didn’t get offended by this feedback, I meant well and really like to see improvement on these products!

Cheers and regards

Hey Richard,

Check your messages. I’ve sent a private reply on some of the stuff you’ve asked about.

ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Welcome to the forums.

17, too. But maybe another ones would be great for home page pictures ;D

The article in PC Magazine about CPF is what introduced me to Comodo.
Great so far, keep up the good work. (S) :-*

:slight_smile: I read about Comodo at http://answers.yahoo.com Yahoo Answers, where I go to help people out sometimes. I’m currently running the Comodo Antivirus Beta, and so far so good.

I am also active in several distributed computing forums, where I will be sure to mention Comodo.