430+ infections blocked and counting

My 7yr old daughter loves my little pony…
I gave her a spare laptop and showed her how to use google, youtube etc
I installed CIS 6, enabled full virtualization, I set to proactive security and disabled HIPS, in D+ I disabled the option to “Detect installers and show privilege elevation alerts” so all unknown app’s are auto sandboxed (fully virtual), in the F/W I checked “Do NOT show popup alerts” then changed the behavior to “Block Requests” so all unknown app’s cannot access the internet, I then added CD to always open in the sandbox and removed the shortcut for IE.
The AV is set to “Not show AntiVirus Alerts”
I changed the DNS to Open DNS with parental control.
I then let her loose to browse her ponies to her hearts content thinking this will be a good test for CIS,
I didn’t realize how good a test this would be…
It’s been 10 days or so, I thought I would take a look at her computer this morning, make sure all running smooth, check CIS’s logs etc
well all I can say is WOW !!
I couldn’t believe what I saw - 436 Infections Prevented
-52 Unknown programs blocked
-556,235 Suspicious activites blocked
-11 Items quarantined
I reset the sandbox rebooted and ran a couple of scans MBAM and Hitman Pro, both found nothing
I have tested a lot of malware against CIS 6 and it’s shone through everytime, but this is probably the best “real world” test I could have hoped for.
So at the end of this year I’m glad to share this story of CIS not only protecting a computer but also protecting my family
Thanks Comodo

Indeed. WOW ;D :-TU

Thats awesome.
Comodo rocks. :-TU

just proves that the bad guys target kids sites >:( knowing full well that kids wil click anything to just carry on playing or watching

Oh yeah. Esp online games.

Nice and very useful observation treefrogs ! :-TU

WOW … ;D

It just shows that all these reviews e.g., PC World, PC Magazine that Comodo is NOT a terrible Internet Security with poor virus detection/protection etc.,


Good test. :slight_smile:

i also tested and cis detected all the viruses :slight_smile:

Nice to hear.

That’s a great test.

well, today is the December 31th in here, Brazil, and till this date, all computers I have worked on, clients, family, friends, I have never used to try another security suite instead CIS. and guess what? everybody is happy, with no risks, no viruses, no malwares infected then…

IMO real world testing is the only accurate testing.
Thanks for sharing the results. :-TU


Would anyone reccomend this setup for a family pc?

COMODO is a true blessing to have :cry:
I don’t know what I would have done without it

You would have to use some other nice free setup.

Most of them are heavy and not nearly as good as COMODO

This is the ultimate test! Thank you for sharing it with us and thank you for trusting us to protect you!


Pictures? Prove? Your 7yr old daughter was able to install or run 52 new or unknown programs? 436 infections? On wich pages u let browse ur 7yr old daughter? O_o