3 million new users every month!!!!

I wanted to share a new milestone in Comodo’s history with you guys.

We are getting over 3 million new users every month!!!

Thanks to our innovation, amazing development team and most importantly thanks to YOU world is a safer place for tens of millions of internet users using our products!

We will continue to make Internet a safe place for you!

Thank you for continued support.


I am spreading. I have 9 friends in this 3 Million ;D :love:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well done. :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

A big thanks to you Melih and all Staff members.

Also thanks to all supporters for helping our favourite products grow for us all.

Good to hear… Let’s aim for the 6 mill next month ;D 88)

Nice. One year ago we were at around 57 M users with about 1 M brand new users a month… :-TU

after ver 6 launch, we made huge progress!

What is this LOW users number doing in here then?

Today, the Comodo family of companies is Creating Trust Online® in over 100 countries with:
  • over 25 million installations of Comodo PC security software

If I were Melih, I would put something like this in COMODO’s Homepage to let the world know how many NEW users are protected every second (1.16 NEW USERS EACH SECOND!).

V6 is much more likely to attract new users who want something they don’t have to interact with much if at all. I’m not surprised that the adoption rate has gone up.

I agree. :-TU

Out of the millions who are going free AV instead of paid. It’s nice to see 3,000,000 of those people choose comodo. keep it free and keep up the hard work.

That’s fantastic news Melih.

Australia getting a good percentage of that statistic? :smiley:


yes :slight_smile:

Just for information, is this statistic ONLY based on CIS or CFW as well ? Cause many many people are using CFW alonside other AV.

majority is CIS

This is excellent news indeed.
I can only imagine the amount of hours put into this. Amazing work!

How many users has CIS for now?

This is really great news. Proficiat !!!

over 50M.

Wow. That’s a massive number ;D :-TU