(beta) Virtual desktop

Comodo beta v12.3.1.8104
Windows 11 22H2
I only installed the Firewall and unchecked the Antivirus during installation.

When you click ‘Run Virtual Desktop’ you get a message about missing components, including Silverlight.
As the latest version of Silverlight is 4 years old, and support ended 2 years ago, a depency on Silverlight is not very secure anymore in 2023.

And is Comodo Dragon still being maintained? The Comodo website mentions a 2022 version.

So either Comodo Virtual Desktop needs an update, or otherwise it might be the safer option to remove it from Comodo?

I did not test any further with Virtual Desktop as I did not want to install Silverlight.

Hi DonGaz,

Thank you for reporting.
We have checked and found that virtual desktop running with the CIS firewall installed with win 10 version.
Could you please install the latest comodo dragon and check. (Refer the below link)

FYI: Comodo dragon is still maintained.


Hi DonGaz,

Kindly install the latest version of comodo dragon browser and then open virtual desktop, it should open.

Kindly check and let us know your feedback.