10000 Files... Now what?

Ya see, I can’t open the “Review Files” Menu because there’s 10000 Files waiting for my review… Now:

  1. How could I possibly review that many?
  2. I can’t open the menu due to the sheer loading time… so how could I review them?
  3. How can I get rid of this huge list?



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Don’t know how to get around opening the list and seeing the first page. Once it’s open, you can deal with it, though. First do a select all and purge to get rid of all the ones that are already gone. Then if it is still too many, do a select all and remove and look a bit more often in the future. There have been a number of suggestions on how to limit the growth of this list, but don’t know where Comodo will be on the next release. Needs some work. :wink:

“Needs some work.”

Yes, I think so…

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You must have installed a couple of large applications. I had over 2500 files form one install. If it is really not possible to open the Pending files list, I would export my configuration and re-install CFP. When you export your config (Miscellaneous>Manage My Configurations>Export>(click on the configuration name to get the Save dialog), save it somewhere other than the CFP folder. When you import it back (Miscellaneous>Manage My Configurations>Import>(browse to the location that you saved the export to)) you will have to select the configuration - the imported config is only added to the list of configs to choose from (Miscellaneous>Manage My Configurations>Select). In future, you need to clean out that list - or just totally ignore it (you could just do that now). The only virtue of it is that it allows you to check t see if there are unknown files that may be malware on the list. The list is not a quarantine, and it is only for your information, although you can use it to submit suspicious files to Comodo or declare them Safe or Blocked.

“You must have installed a couple of large applications.”

Does Visual Studio 2008 Pro and Microsoft Office 2007 count lmao?

Leave it to Microsoft…

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Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\comodo\common\Pending and rename PendingList.txt to something like PendingList.bak. Either restart the firewall or reboot.


SW’s approach should work. The file PendingList.txt is just a blank text file when the Pending Files list is cleared.

I HATE it with a passion, i have enough to do without babysitting a firewall every day. !!! Why cant it check the entries automatically and move them to safe, and purge gone files auto on each boot grrrrrrr.

It would be nice to have the option of all files going automatically to the safe file list while in installation mode. It would also be nice to be able to select a range of files with shift + click.

Yes it would, i am away in Canada for 5 months of the year, and i cant expect whoevers here to do all the pending file stuff and learn all that, and do it every 2 days or so, just not practical.
That needs a major rethink/overhaul. :wink:

Me too. I have suggested that they automate the Pending files list. Keep a list of new files for information, but have the submission of files happen automatically with a list of submitted but not yet analyzed files as well that clears itself.

just what I was gonna say

We have re-evaluted the way pending files work and have decided to re-architecture it.
we also listened to our users and their suggestions about some other usability issues they wanted us to solve. We will be doing a new update soon (we have an update between now and end of the month with some nifty feature, its not going to be on that, its going to be on the later ones). However, pls don’t expect everything that is asked in it. We are doing all we can to please everyone! :slight_smile: (yeah, hard job indeed :slight_smile: )

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that Pending files issue will be resolved.

thank you for your continued support.



Fine. I will assume re-architecture does not mean remove :). Some of us find ‘my pending files’ useful.


No, not removing cos it is useful.

Just making it less of a pain thats all :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Sure, Pending list is useful!
And I do believe the new architecture will make it better and more convenient.
One thing to mention though (probably I am not the first one) to add to the Wish List concerning Pending Files.
Please, add Group Selection of items… the common way:
Click on any Item/ Hold Shift/Move to the end of the Group/Click
It is very convenient after big installations where Items belonging to App’s Base Install Directory follow one after another.

Now,… if such feature exists already and I just missed (don’t know) the way Group Selection works… I’ll shoot myself in a leg!

My regards

Thanks Melih for those news

(B) (R) (V) :Beer


Hi Melih,

I really like your use of the word re-architecture ;D, I’m not into understanding marketing speak, but if you had said:

We have re-evaluated the way pending files work and have decided to disable it for everything
except Clean PC mode.

I or someone else may have objected. Could this not have simply been done as an option in the D+ settings to turn pending files off or on irregardless of what mode is being used?

The way it stands now in CFP 295, I am forced to use Clean PC mode if I want to use the my pending files function. Do you think this solution was a clean way for development to resolve the issue?


Totally agree Adric,im just glad i read your post as i was on Paranoid Mode so i know what .exe is executing what .exe and thought after a few AV updates where are the Pending Files(now i know).So if you use one mode you lose something and if you use tother you lose something!!
The idea of a “Pending Files” option is genius then everyone would be happy ;D

Cheers Matty

P.s Sorry devs if it sounds like im aving a go(its been a long day)everyone i think appreciates that fine tuning takes time.