100% Detection..

I saw this ad and I felt the urge to share with you guys…

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Sweeeeeeeeet >:-D

Isn’t there laws about false advertising?

Notice it doesn’t actually say 100% detection of Malware
A sneaky way around false advertising laws leaving that off of the end IMO.
It could mean 100% detection for anything.

What a crock!

Hey, I have a magic potion that will cure all ailments and has no side effects. Maybe the advertising division at ESET will be interested in helping me market my potion.

wow 100% detection i guess im switching from CIS :wink:

ya right haha nothing is better than CIS

Where do AV providers tell the customers that they are still running the risk of infection although they have an AV installed because it only detect whats in its blacklist (yes including heuristic…)…?

I only see their adverts saying they will “block malware”, “stop viruses” etc etc… which makes people think if they buy this they will never have any malware issues ever again…


People that see the truth are fewer than the people that do not see it. Lieing in order to have material gain isn’t something new… the majority of companies do that. That’s why we live such a happy life on this planet…
Melih, if the road you travel on is paved with honesty, don’t ever expect to compete with those that have taken the other road… they will always be ahead but their foundation is a false one and it will crumble like a castle made of cards when the winds of malware will ■■■■ upon them.

CIS fortress will endure. I’m so happy I’m a citizen of this fortress.

Keep up the good work, Comodo.

I guess they should say “block all known malware”, thats what blacklisting is all about anyway.
But of course, they lie to their own customers in order to steal their money.

What different is COMODO, always saying the truth and being transparent with their customers.

+10, Well Said…

What website advertise like this ?
Link please. ;D

Who needs to wash whiter than white when a protective layer can keep things white? O0 (:KWL) (:NRD)

EricJH the protective layer cannot keep things white…why? Go and have a look in the mirror and check your teeth we all know it not 100% white (:NRD) (:TNG)

On a dental side note. Teeth are not white in the first place according to Wikipedia:

the normal color of enamel varies from light yellow to grayish white
88) :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

it looks like comodo is guaranteeing to block 100 % of malware aswell


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Regards Comodos advert guaranteeing to block 100% malware…and at Esets advert saying 100% detection.Come on Comodo, youre asking for the Comodo haters to come and have a go at you for making a statement like that unless there is some universally accepted way of verifying it. You cannot make statements like that without drawing attention from some quarters and diluting your credibility.

Nothing is 100%…malware writers will find a way…Comodo will fix it and evolve… malware writers will find a way…again…and so on.

That being said i still would not trust any other security instead of Cis at the moment… the nearest thing to 100%,in my opinion. They all have more holes than a collander and Cis has the very odd issue depending on settings used as i see it.


with paid product, there is a guarantee that we will do all the work or pay the user $500. whereas statement made by the others…its just a statement with no backing…

At least we stand behind our “marketing” statement…whereas others have been making those “marketing” statements with much less protection and with no backing! I say what we do is an improvement in terms of marketing tbh!


Melih, what we are trying to say its that there is no 100% blocking of malware.
Neither CIS, the Guarantee being offered in paid products, nor Geekbuddy, can block 100% malware.

We undestand what the Guarantee its for. I do trust in the Guarantee, it gives more trust to end users that they will get a better protection.

But, there is no 100% blocking. And that should be addressed by COMODO as we have addressed in the past with other AV vendors’ marketing (your original post in this thread, for example).


did they stop using it?