ZTL on CentOS 5 64bit?

Will the ZTL package run on CentOS 5 64 bit? Or are all the packages 32 bit and I’d better use the CentOS 32 bit version?



ZTL based on CentOs-4.4 32 bit. You should use ZTL-iso or install ZTL rpm packages on CentOs-4.4 32-bit.

Hi Vadim,

Thank you for clearing that up.

I have one more question for you, I hope you can help:
Although I have done succesfull installs using the ISO, would it give any adavntages when I tried to install ZTL on CentOS 5 32bit?
At this point I don’t need php5 or the latest MySQL, but would it enhance the performance or security of the server? (I’m installing on a Supermicro 5015MT+, Core 2 Duo with 2Gb memory and Raid 1 using a 3ware 8006 RAID controller card.)


One more thing to all readers:
I’ve been reading other parts of the Comodo forum, especially the discussions on why Comodo gives free software products and I think they have a point there:
Giving this free (and fantastic!!) software has built quite some goodwill with me. In the past I have been buying my SSL certificates with Thawte but now I will definitely source them from Comodo. SSL certificates seem all the same but the company behind it does make a difference!

Cheers Comodo! (:CLP)


As I wrote ZTL-1.0 based on CentOs-4.4. You can install ZTL on CentOs-5, but you can’t use ZTL repository in that case. All ZTL Appliances have to be installed manually from rpm-packages.
We plan that the next ZTL version will be based on CentOs-5.

I didn’t realize the repository comes from ZTL.

And now I’m probably asking too much, but you probably saw this coming:
Do you have an ETA on the next ZTL version? (:WIN)


Not yet. Release next ZTL version depends on the interest to ZTL-1.0

Time for the user base to speak up! :SMLR