Zonealarm forcefield for free

Guys check this out: Free ZoneAlarm ForceField Next Tuesday | PCMag
Nice deal right, free sounds good (:KWL)

It will suck your pc dry. I tried it months ago. It runs 5 services adding up to about 50,000 K. Better off using Sandboxie like I do.

realy… that’s shit. O well i will just try it.

Dont…use Sandboxie instead.

Aren’t they completely different apps?

I never tried both, but as far as I know Sandboxie allows users to run, for example, web browsers on it and then any change made is made in the sandbox and not the real system, right?

Zone Alarm Force Field, I believe, it provides a shield, that works something like Internet - Internet Browser - PC, thus not allowing, for example, keyloggers from logging the keystrokes when the user performs on-line banking operations.

At least, it is how I understand these 2 apps.

But I guess that you (Vettetech), being a user of Sandboxie and have tried Force Field already could tell me if that’s correct. :slight_smile:

I tried Force Field awhile back and its similar to Safe Space. It eats resources ans slows your over all pc down. You can tighten you Sandbox so the only thing that runs inside the Sandbox is your browser. When your done empty your Sandbox and any malware or changes done are all undone. Very easy to use and now slow downs. Force Field runs all the time where as Sandboxie is on demand. Sandboxie service always runs but you do not need to run your browser Sandboxed all the time. Key loggers are takin care of by D+.

Your 100% correct in your evaluation of Forcefield. I experienced the same type of slowdowns. Not to get off topic but I will try Sandboxie again. I remember an issue I had with the gmail notifier.


Big slowdown here as well. Just tested briefly, I’m not much into this kind of apps. If I need something really separated from OS, I use a virtual machine and can revert to a good image when I ■■■■■ it up. ;D

Told you guys. I do know what I am talking about. Actually anything made by ZA is bloated and slows your pc down.

Sandboxing requires hooking the heart of the OS! It requires much care. CFP D+ is the most sophisticated technology out there, imo, that does this elegantly, efficiently with minimal resource requirement. So, now that we have the engine to hook the heart of the OS, adding a sandboxing on top of it is not going to be too difficult :slight_smile:

And yep, you guessed it, it will be one of the most secure, efficient, resource efficient, stable Sandboxes out there!!

After the CIS launch, we will start putting the Comodo Sandboxing technology into CFP.


Thanks Melih and thats why my security set up consists of KAV 09, Comodo with D+ and Sandboxie. :BNC

thanks great news indeed!

np, atleast someone who likes it :slight_smile:

I believe he was talking about Melih’s comment and not te fact that ZA Force Field is free.

ow lol (:SHY)

Great news (:CLP), I found sandbox tech. very useful …

well Vettetech you were tottaly right. Uses way to much memory…
goodbye forcefield :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to retract my earlier statment. When I first used forcefield in beta, the program was very slow for my IE browser sessions. However, I’m using it now and it runs much better than the earlier build I tested. It has 4 processes that take about 40-50meg of ram but nowadays with 1-4gig of memory that is not bad. It also is light on cpu cycles from what I can tell. I’m using CFP with D+ (Safe mode on both) with Forcefield and Avast Home with just Standard Shield installed and my pc is huming along. :■■■■