ZoneAlarm antivirus-firewall combo now competes for free

Have a look :slight_smile:

Nowadays AV database updates are not in 1-2 bulk updates but few-many mini updates.

So autoupdates once in 24 hours simple sucks.

True that’s the only down side… Still I update my AV manually and I prefer that way… Every hour :slight_smile:

Update every 24 hours, I think it is talking about the automatic update. So for me, it’s not a major problem as I like to update the AV database manually just like when I used the Roboscan Internet Security and MSE.

In overall, I am still satisfied with the performance of Zone Alarm’s new product (light on resource even it is performing full scan).

Just waitin’ on languy99’s review :-TU

I’ll do one this afternoon. ( my time)

Very responsive, many thanks.

ZA Antivurs+firewall free seems like doesn’t support Google Chrome…I tried to use it to download eicar test file, it doesn’t give me any alert and I have to scan it manually in order to clean the eicar test file.

Comodo and RIS do better in this aspect…

Any Free suites have a lot of work to do, CIS has already set a very high standard :slight_smile:

Under behaviour settings, in the final version 4 options are unchecked by default, right?