Zone Alarm Whats the go

Please read this about ZA

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Ouch… some “bug”.

PS The suggested workaround is genius. ;D

No it was supposedly fixed. No re-reported instances after the fix.

I’m an ex zonealarm guy.

No I didnt have the version that was spying on you.

A real live ZA man? I hope not to insult you here too often… :wink: :smiley: I can’t stand ZA and haven’t for quite some time. My guess is you don’t have any real ties to it else you wouldn’t be on Comodo. Unless…you’re a spy… 8) Seriously , the article didn’t suprise me at all. Who knows who to trust and who not to? Even the best techies and net admins and security experts can’t say for sure. I don’t trus MS at all, never have , never will. But the writer brings up a good point, we must move on. At least we can trust Comodo. (:CLP)

P.S. don’t take my sense of humor personal, it’s all in fun.


Well, im a Ex Zonealarm guy. Comodo won me over.



As long as Comodo prevailed is what matters. Well, I did use Zone Alarm for quite a few years,oh,the shame,the shame… :-[


Don’t be too ■■■■■■■ yourself… the important thing is you’ve finally made the right choice ;D :smiley:

I am a recovering Zone-aholic. :cry: Seriously, I used ZA for a better part of my computing career, I simply grew tired of waiting long minutes\hours for it to initialize, become bloated, not allowing my DSL , contact support>get ignored, go on the forum>get ignored\ignorant comments. So when back in July I came across CPF, I heard the singing and a light appear. (:AGL) That was it. ZA was gone for good and has NEVER touched my pc again. Not to mention their little server-sending personal info-extraveganza.


I’ve also used ZA (free version) for a long time, and every now and then it would block my Internet acces for no apparent reason :o. I’ve got fed up with it, and started looking for a better solution. I’ve been a happy CFP user ever since…

Glad to hear! (:CLP)


I never had a problem with Zone Alarm. Its just the better security that won me over to Comodo Firewall. The leak test thing got me.

Did you have DSL? I tell you, the DSL wave of people that couldn’t connect was astounding. And even more astounding? We all got ignored, lol. But hey, glad I did, now I have something better. Not to mention CFP doesn’t send personal info over to other countries. (:CLP) So you like the leak testing too huh? Same here. For a while, I swore sites were purposely making false leak tests to shove Comodo down. Like PC flank, the most irritating one that I had to explain 1000 times . You download it, as long as it uses OLE automation, it claims you failed. Now OLE is a part of the OS, yes it can be shut off but some depend on it. So initially it was blocked, but it would tell you CFP failed. Yah, right. Then it kept the text on it’s site if you allowed it to go through, yes, ALLOWED it, wow what a leak huh? So people would get on there and go, “oh no, it’s got my text i typed again even though I denied!” Well of course the confusion really kicked in. I had to physically unhook my pc to prove it in some cases, and show it didn’t actually leak. I emailed PC Flunk and never got a response. Emailed again and well, my info must have leaked and they never saw it. :wink:


No i do have Dsl, and no problems. Always could connect.

“Not to mention CFP doesn’t send personal info over to other countries”

That was solved(Stopped) with the next build, and was only on The Pro version.