zip file ? [Resolved]


i uninstalled and reinstalled comodo from v3.15 to v3.0.16.295 yesterday with no problems and the scanner works fine here :-TU

but i just downloaded a zip file to update IE-SPYAD Restricted Sites List for funkytoads zonedout
and comodo v3.0.16.295 with d+ in clean pc mode and the firewall set with train with safe mode
and not a word from comodo i even extracted them and put them in the zonedout folder and still
nothing from comodo is this ok

thanks :slight_smile:

(:m*) Topic Closed: If issue returns PM a mod to open.


The only ZIP file I could find on that site did not contain any executable files, so that’s why Defense+ didn’t warn. (it didn’t warn me either)


dang i should of known that lol will just wasn’t thinking i guess i should get more
sleep ???

and i thank you very much leoniaquila


Just glad to help. :slight_smile: