Zero Touch Linux (ZTL)

ZTL is a great infrastructure product that will handle all your server side needs for a business. you can setup your own mail server, web server, domain controller etc all easily using a clean web based software. it makes Linux usable by even novice users.
you can go ahead and try it at


Is ZTL a free product? Or is it a new product Comodo will sell to corporations?

We intend to sell it. But at the moment its free as its going thru its beta cycle. But if you want a free license, I know people at Comodo and can get you a free license if you like :slight_smile:


I will contact you via PM Melih for I have some questions.


Is this product for sale for servers? Do you have a server 2008 version? Can I run ZTL on a separate computer and filter all network copper and WIFI through it?