Zemana vs Comodo Defense +

I am not sure how to start… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have noticed in reviews that Zemana Antilogger is a pretty awesome tool to stop hackers


It even has SSL Logger protection

What do you think?

Is it better than Comodo Defense +?

I have tried it and I find it good. It’s similar to Defense+. I can’t say if it’s better but you will be happy with comodo!


Is it better than Comodo Defense +?
Not really, I conciser it as a unnecessary overlap. HIPS already got that covered. Adding another program that is HIPS like but only does one thing is pointless <--(IMO)

Comodo already does a great job in protecting against keyloggers

It’s like adding and running (in real-time) a Anti-virus program like Avira, a Anti-spyware program like Superantispyware, and a Anti-trojan program like TrojanHunter all in one. While each has their main use, but they pretty much do the same thing.

They’re both equally good in my opinion. They have their pros and cons. I haven’t tried Zemana (for the simple reason that it isn’t free), but I have tried SpyShelter which they say is almost like Zemana and I found it good. Especially the ease in whitelisting and blacklisting. It’s also pretty fast and does not interfere much with my work.

Defense + is easy to configure, but it has a few cons. The last version of it I’ve tried was version 4 and the problem was it doesn’t remember my configuration. Whitelisting stuff is also a pain sometimes. Especially when the thing doesn’t have a signature. Also doesn’t suspend unknown processes. If it were a spyware or I guess any other malware and virus for that matter, this is one chance to send a few info or update itself maybe. Although this is highly unlikely as of now, it’s still a possibility. Defense + is pretty good; it’s just I don’t like having those kind of possibilities. :wink: