Zemana antilogger test

Hi all

I have run the Zemana antilogger test http://www.zemana.com/LeakTest/keylogger-test.aspx# in a fully virtual browser and the keylogger testing program recorded the key strokes,
I’m still trying to fully get my head around what is allowed and what isn’t in the virtual enviroment ??? I know some user initiated processes/actions are allowed is this one of them ?


It’s npt entirely clear what version of the keylogging rules are being run in virtual.

Screengrabbing rules appear not to be BB rules as I cannot use snipping tool in KIosk.

Was the keylogging demo a by a foreground or a background app?

Anyway probably best to report as bug in the bugs sticky in the format requested in the sticky as then much of the info needed to discuss is available.

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It won’t stop it I think. You need to ‘restrict it’. I have untrusted set and Zemana anti-logger test can never pass.

Hi all

Ok apps run in the foreground,
The app opens but shows a “!RegisterRawInputDevices” error when run in any level above partially limited,
When partially limited it captures keystrokes on a full virtual/non full virtual web page,
CIS “sees” the app and sandboxes it but partially limited fails to stop the key logging…bug ?
If so I will submit a report

In partially limited via BB at least. It’s intended that keylogging by a foreground app be allowed, as I understand it. Same for screen grabbing, maybe.

Less sure when virtualised. Stricter screen grabbing distinctions seem in place. Not sure what should happen in virtualised and partiallly limited.

So maybe worth reporting.

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