ZCfgSvc.exe - COM Interface Access (Defense+ Events)

Hello, I’m new here. I just formatted my laptop and installed Comodo free, the problem is this file. It creates an entry in Defense+ Events every 20 seconds or so thinking its an intrusion, and I added it to the trust applications because well, it belongs to the Wifi for correct working. I tried disabling it in msconfig and my Wifi didn’t want to automatically connect, so it has to do something with it.

I just want to confirm if this file is secure and how can I make Comodo trust it. Making an event every 20 seconds isn’t really normal.

EDIT: I solved half the problem by modfying ZCfgSvc.exe in Defense+ tab, system security policy, from custom policy to trust application, no more warns. Still I don’t know why Comodo behaved that way, and whether I can trust ZCfgSvc.exe 100%. Thanks!