When you go to youtube main page there’s a big blank spot near the top, like something is supposed to be there, but isn’t.

I assume there supposed to be a trusted Ad, but it’snot displaying.

Hi Maniak2000,
Under PrivDogs options, be certain ‘Deliver TrustedAds’ is selected?

Yes, it is selected.

If I disable privdog, the ad is there, with privdog enabled it’s just a blank space.

Can’t see any ad there for me, even without PrivDog. Please make snapshot, thank you.

Are you using other extensions? Ghostery/Disconnect, etc?

Shows trusted ad as expected for me. (Screenshot)

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Here you go.

ADblock and ghostery are disabled.

Maybe it has something to do with country?

Edit: it appear to work in http, but when I log-in, it switches to https, where apperantly it doesn’t work.

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Thank you! Our developers will study this issue