YouTube and CFP

Hi searched for this problem in here but couldn’t find the solution.

Since yesterday’s MS updates I haven’t been able to watch the YouTube videos that come from IP address 74.125.10.***

They say transferring from that site but the Videos don’t load and just hang at the beginning.

The ones that come from members sites *** work OK.

I wonder if this is a Firewall problem, a BOClean problem, Avast, or something else.
I didn’t notice this problem before yesterday.

Thanks in advance (make it simple, I am new to CFP) :wink:


Just tried the same video on a different browser (Opera) and it works fine; so must be a Firefox problem. :-\

Update; could be a Firewall problem after all? :-\

Just been using YouTube on Opera and some wouldn’t load.
Tried same video on Firefox and same problem, doesn’t load, and from that same IP address again (74.125.10.***).

However checking CFP logs that address does not appear to have been blocked at that time.

Could it be an overload on that server?

Strange that yesterday one that wouldn’t load on Firefox loaded straight away on Opera.

Any ideas?



Hey Mike,

Without experiencing the same issue, it sorta smells like intermittent server overload. Only guessing, but I’ve had similar issues with popular tubes viewed from sites outside YouTube.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Be a bit wary of “YouTube” videos on non-YouTube servers. I always double check that the link for the object points back to YouTube. It would be easy to have what appears to be a link to a YouTube video linking to something else. I haven’t seen anything bad, but the potential is there and it will undoubtedly occur. :wink:

If you don’t mind, maybe you can post some of the youtube links so we can test. I have Opera 9.21, CFP 2.4, and the last Windows Updates reliability patch installed for Intel computers with no problems.

Another hint could be your log - any relevant blocked entries?

Yet another clue is to set the Security Setting to Allow All and reload the video.

Thanks for your replies.

Here’s a link that I was sent (genuine YouTube one)

Not loading on Firefox or Opera this morning and it’s one that comes from the 74.125.10.*** server.

However just loaded on IE7, but not immediately after on Firefox or Opera.

So guess you may be correct, overloaded server, but strange that it should work on IE7!

P.S. No relevant blocked entries on Log; also checked this when requesting page.


Looked on CFP but can’t see how you do this. new to CPF myself.
Is it safe to do this?



LOL Funny clip!

In CFP 2.4, do a right click on the firewalls system tray icon and select ALLOW ALL. This is equivalent to removing all block rules. The firewall is still functional but will allow all traffic both inbound and outbound.

Setting the firewall to ALLOW ALL is a great simple way to find out if an application is failing because of the firewall or from another cause. If it still fails when CFP is set to ALLOW ALL, then it can’t be a rules issue.

Other than the example quoted above, ALLOW ALL is to be avoided, except in an emergency.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Just found this on the YouTube help pages…

All videos are stuck on the loading screen.

This could be caused by a number of things. First, you’ll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience.

If your connection speed meets the minimum requirement but you are still stuck on the loading screen, this could be caused by a firewall or internet blocker. These types of programs could block the media stream from YouTube. If you have a firewall, you might want to temporarily disable it to see if the videos load. If so, you would need to adjust the firewall settings to allow streaming media from YouTube to pass the firewall. If you are not sure on how to do this, please contact the manufacturer of your firewall.

This might also be caused by another streaming application such as Quicktime fighting for the stream. Please check streaming applications installed on your computer like RealPlayer, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player and ensure they are not enabled as the default player.

Finally, you may be trying to view a video that has been marked as “Private” by its owner. Unless you are logged in and a member of that member’s “Friends” or “Family” list, you will not be able to see the video. Check another video to determine if all videos are failing to load, or just one.

However if this is a Firewall error, how comes videos which won’t play on Firefox or Opera play OK on IE7?

Windows Media Player on my machine is set to default player, but not sure if this is the problem as other videos not from the 74.125.10*** IP address play OK.
Anyone know what format the YouTube videos are streamed in so that I can try and remove this default option on WMP?



Thanks Ewen,
Just tried that (allow all) and it was still blocked, returned the Firewall settings to Custom now.
Working on the Windows Media Player option now, but can’t see why it should load on IE7 and not the other browsers?

They’re .FLA objects - Flash movies.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks again Ewen, checked WMA and that doesn’t grab the stream (not one of it’s formats).
Have disabled Flashblock on Firefox and that didn’t work either.

What is curious is that all videos from the direct member’s sites, i.e. **** load correctly but the ones from those IP sites starting with 74.125.10 etc. don’t.

Looking at it logically if all the streaming (from both type of sites) is in .FLA (flash) format then it can’t be a flash problem.

I can watch all videos on IE7 (not a browser I choose to use very often) but that’s not the point. I just hate it when things don’t work and I can’t find the solution.

Will keep trying. I don’t now think it’s a Firewall, Flash, or WMA problem; just can’t think what it can be.
Thanks for all your help chaps; will certainly post the answer should I ever find it.

My two techi sons are coming to dinner tomorrow; perhaps one of them may know.


Don’t know if this helps, but IE runs ActiveX. I know Opera doesn’t contain it. However, Opera doesn’t require it, but does for Flash. For example:

Thanks, will ask sons tomorrow about that. But can’t see why the problem has just surfaced.

Only happened in the last couple of days and no settings have been changed.

Just going to install latest FlashPlayer had a slightly earlier version.

Will let you know if that cures it.



Actually, I also have a slightly older version and since youtube didn’t indicate it was a problem with Flash, chances are the new version won’t work. It could simply be a matter of javascript being enabled/disabled?

No, that didn’t cure it. will ask sons tomorrow.

Strange thing is (as mentioned in opening post), at one time when it wouldn’t load in Firefox, I tried in Opera and it loaded. Now it won’t load in either, only IE7.

Thanks for you help though,


Soya, Java was enabled by the way.

I’ve encountered the exact same problem the last few days actually. I dont use this firewall tho and I’ve tried with it disabled as well. Can’t remember what happened just before they stoped working.

Philip, the only thing I can remember are the MS updates a few days ago.
Sure it was OK before then, but can’t be 100% sure as I don’t use YouTube that often.

Update, I can now stream the video…

as YouTube have now returned it to the owners site, rather than transferring it from that 74.125.10.*** IP address.

Just wonder if their site was undergoing some maintenance and they temporarily moved some of the data over to there.

Just checked the YouTube site again and none of the videos are coming from the IP address, all from the members at

Oh well, problem solved but would have been nice to know why they wouldn’t load when transferred from the IP address.

Will keep an eye on the site.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the thread. :slight_smile: