Your Suggestions Plzz


My neighbour has got a brand new Win 7 64 Pre-installed HP Laptop with 4GB RAM & 320 GB HardDisk. NIS is preinstalled for 2 months.

He has asked me for free security software. He is a complete novice, doesn’t even knows what the term malware means, knows & heard only one term virus & nothing, such a novice he is when it comes to computer & security. He is a college going 18 years student & I must mention very naughty so may surf all those nasty sites.

Now what should I suggest him? I have decided few, your suggestions plzz

  1. Windows FW & MSE
  2. Windows FW & Avast
  3. CFW & AV with D+ Disabled.

I would suggest him to use Avast+ window FW because there are so many people in my country are using Avast. And I have many friends who are novice, they have no issue with Avast.

Def go for Avast and WIN firewall… That should protect him from basic malware…

Well configured CIS does not show many alerts and it’s very effective. Unfortunately Avast and MSE could be not enough to protect his system (18 years student ) :slight_smile: I know this from my own experience, I got many calls to infected systems of my friends with Avast and even NIS installed.