Your Software did catch a virus [Resolved]

I did a test with Symantec Ani-virus to see I did got a virus I find 2 virus I guess you program is not good if other virus program can find virus

139661 files scanned, 2 file(s) infected on your disk drives.

No viruses were detected in memory.

Your computer is infected with at least one known virus or Trojan horse.

Search for the name of the threat(s) listed below on the Symantec Security Response site for removal information.

Warning! The scan detected a virus that is active in your computer’s memory.
The scan ended to prevent further infection.

You should shut down your computer immediately and restart it with an antivirus rescue disk or similar tool.

No viruses were detected in memory.

E:\server_back_2008\tim\tim\homedir\public_html\images\thumbs.db.php is infected with PHP.RSTBackdoor
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\tmp\c1.php is infected with Backdoor.Trojan

Our bad! Comodo probably will miss plenty of viruses out there, it also catches quite a few. Thanks for bringing this up though, and we hope you won’t hold it against us. Before the end of this year Version 3 of Comodo antivirus will come out. Maybe give it a whirl then?

If you want to help out, pack the viruses in a password protected zip archive, throw it on an email, and send it out to malwaresubmit [at]

They’ll love you for it :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

I send your some other thing I find and let see how the next version work out

Thanks a lot! I’m going to lock this thread as I find it resolved. If you need it reopened please PM a moderator who’s online with a link to this thread.