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My IT guy is at this moment is reloading WIDOWS to my PC because your product wiped everything off the hard drive. WOW what a wonderful Friday we are having. Glad he is sure a nice guy! I would not use this again for all the money in China!

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Cloud you tell us what problem comodo caused? What product did you use?

Valentin N

I’m not aware of any Comodo product that could wipe everything off your hard drive.

Perhaps you could supply us with some more details?

Comodo Registry Cleaner and clean it did… we are reloading now. Good thing I have more than one PC at my desk!

Moving to the CSC forum.

Did you try to use windows restore point in safe mode?

I have used CSC quit a while and such things has never happened. When you had CSC installed did you put CSC to give you the alternative to backup you registry keys before CSC clean the registry.

Valentin N

SAFE MODE are you kidding me, nothing would work, wiped out my PC. The funny thing is that I am not a novice, I know PC’s and this is one program that is going on our do not ever use list. I was trying it to see if it was something we wanted to use on our PC’s and the answer is NEVER. Just wanted you to know that your product did not work for me and caused major problems. I will keep looking. BTW I did back up but where it wipes the PC that does not help.

I am sorry to hear and I can’t know what knowledge you have.

Valentin N

More details would be good…

This is definitely not normal operation.

Could you perhaps tell us what you did?

my PC because your product wiped everything off the hard drive.
The person using it should know it was a bad idea to erase the harddrive (unless you had a virus or the computer is in complete melt down. Why did he do that in the first place??

maybe Comodo should put a strong warning are you sure you want to erase the harddrive :slight_smile: or make it more clear

I’m assuming you were using the shredder feature?

other than that i don’t see how this would be possible?

OP Stated “your product wiped everything off the hard drive” Thus That being said he must have used the shredder; (Which I believe gives a warning before doing anything with it)

If it was a registry cleaner feature that did such thing then ‘last known good configuration’ would solved this issue;

Privacy Cleaner only cleans application data / temps etc

Disk cleaner could not have done such activity* thus It points back to the shredder feature

  • Could have removed temp files for windows update thus made the update corrupted but Win7 Automatically fixes such thing by Checksum;

Don’t see how this could happen…

Please Explain :slight_smile:


Which version was he using?

I noticed a nasty bug in an earlier version…;msg466172#msg466172

and if you scroll down a little you’ll see that ‘Razvan Raschitor’
said that it was a bug that was reproduced on some systems,
and that it was fixed in the update.

Still, you would have to purposely tick that box.


Please  tell us what version of CSC you used and what you used to perform the clean ( Registry Cleaner, disk Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, Shreddder, Force Delete ).