Your feedback is needed! Comodo Programs Manager Usability Survey

Hello guys,

We need your help to further improve Comodo Programs Manager and make sure it matches your requirements.
We believe that the software should bend around your needs and not the other way around and because of this we need a minute of your time to give us feedback.

We have created a small online survey to get your opinion about Comodo Programs Manager and see what features you are using.
[b]You can fill the survey at:[/b]

Please note the the survey is anonymous and only takes about one minute to complete.

You feedback will go towards improving Comodo Programs Manager to better suit your needs.

Thank you for your time.

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Me too :-TU


it’s interesting how many surveys have been submitted so far?

I would like to say thanks to everyone that has completed the survey so far, hope many will follow.

We have about 30 responses so far on CPM, looking to increasing this number by informing as many users as possible about this survey.

Put the links on Facebook, and/or Twitter…

Done! :wink:

Links have been posted on Facebook and Twitter.
You can see (and Like!) our Facebook page here: Redirecting...

Thank you.

Finished the survey… +++++@

only 30 in two days? 15 serveys per day?
I encountered this request only by chance, and guessed that the other survey is might be for Comodo System Cleaner. Then on the facebook found the survay about Comodo Backup. Too long and accidental sequence.

Why not to make a special post on Comodo Forum for those who want to contribute their effort to online helping Comodo - surveys, voting, reviews…? This post must be regularly updated. I think many Comodo friends will visit such a post regularly. Something like Melih’s post which is now abandoned

Like this post but it must be comprehensive and being regularly updated. Comodo only will benefit from it.

Will test it in a virtual xp environment.

Как удалить вашу программу, я все по инструкции удалила, кроме файла guard. 32. dll не удаляется, пишет, что используется системой. В безопасном режиме все сделала, но блокирует мне мою мейловскую почту(