Your feedback is needed! Comodo Backup Usability Survey

Hello guys,

We need your help to further improve Comodo Backup and make sure it matches your requirements.
We believe that the software should bend around your needs and not the other way around and because of this we need a minute of your time to give us feedback.

We have created a small online survey to get your opinion about Comodo Backup and see what features you are using.
[b]You can fill the survey at:[/b]

Please note the the survey is anonymous and only takes about one minute to complete.

You feedback will go towards improving Comodo Backup to better suite your needs.

Thank you for your time.

When we change the translation language for countries other than the English language . Comodo Backup not correctly resizes terms of translations becoming a bit boring and every time you want to understand function , having to hover over certain translation ( already noticed this with Russian and Portuguese language ) , for example. This makes the interface a bit bad program , like it was done anyway ( I know you try to do the best ) .

It is not possible to resume downloads even if not by Comodo Backup or cCloud . This is one we faced by users in the current changing Comodo servers , for example problem: We had to make downloads from our archives and not to be possible to resume the download where it left off we have to redownload from the beginning or as we say in Brazil " to download 0 "

  1. Resume of downloads made via browser or download manager like the dropbox . ( many users were unable to download all of your files from the old server : , the lack of this feature )
    2 . Resize names of each function in accordance with the local language of each country

example : the image link the two terms are equal , however it is not possible to read in full in the first tab in red

Sorry my english and sincerity :wink:

Survey completed. Feel free to message me to clarify any of the points I raised (i.e. ERROR CODES!!!).


It’s nice to know this has not been forgotten.

I just wish something could be done to make the rescue disc creation a lot easier.

It worries me that Andrei’s post was dated 2011 though!


Hi. I like Comodo Backup, since it’s free and provides a good list of features, especially for offline backup. However, there are a few concerning things. First, the program’s website seems like it’s a work in progress. Second, the community is not very lively, and I’m seeing lots of user questions and concerns left unanswered. Third, the last program update seems to have been back in 2014!

All that aside, one time CB crashed while it was performing an incremental backup, and the destination backup file (.cbu) was left in a corrupted state!

I really hope Comodo Backup would get more attention, as letting it stagnate like this is such a waste of a good program. Good luck.