You won me over!

Well my story is that I have been a Mcafee user for years and years, I even paid retail for their products until my ISP starting offering their products for free I think like 2 years ago. I chose Mcafee because they are big company with big resources and because they were a public company I thought I could trust. Starting with the 2006 line of Mcafee products their products starting going downhill atleast in my opinion. The biggest problem I had was their firewall try icon would go black or indicate it the firewall was off for a minute during booting. I would think that would be a major bug either because it was a false alarm and the firewall on or the firewall was really off. In either case that is definately not reassuring. Well the 2006 line came and went and even trying to find help on their forums and the problem went unresolved. Ok here comes the 2007 line of products and it bogged down my computer even with 1 gig of ram and my wife discovered she could no longer post family pics online. The was the last straw and my wife told me get rid of Mcafee so I started my search for a new firewall.

I did a lot of research and all my results kept pointing to Comodo. I admit that I am paranoid so I wasn’t going to try a firewall from a company I never heard of. What if this was a rogue app could steal my passwords? So I chose Zonelabs instead. Their free version was ok the UI was cluttered and it didn’t seem like I really had control over it so I went back to looking at Comodo. Did more digging and everything pointed me that Comodo was a legit company. Ok I was still scared to try it but finally decided to try and I’m glad I did. My wife’s was able to upload the family pics as soon as I uninstalled Mcafee and installed Comodo CPF. So goodluck to you guys at Comodo and thank you for an awesome free firewall! If I could ask one question though I am curious how many people work at Comodo? Thanks again!

Hello and welcome to the Comodo Family!

I’m glad you decided to give Comodo a go, Comodo is the only known firewall to pass all known leaktests out of the box, and best of all its free! Enjoy your free firewall and welcome to the Comodo family :D.

Welcome aboard Nickal and thank you to your wife’s pictures for making this happen :slight_smile:

you can read about Comodo here… Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security?

We have around 300 people worldwide…

Pls feel free to contact us here at forums or our support dept if you need any help.

Here you will be surrounded with many comodo family members who are happy with CPF and are kind enough to help others.