you make me blush.. bite me

i keep hearing this sentence over and over again “you make me blush… bite me”. how do i get rid of this?
i am running AVG computer scan and a-squared scan but no findings…

Please check out this post here:

i started out with this post but it had no substantial conclusion… or maybe i missed it.
can you repeat what should be done to remove this annoyance?

It was............................MSN Messenger's mouse over AD... ?
Do you have any application active when you hear that sound?

I was just talking about mouse over AD.

1.go to following link and follow the unintall instruction.
2.go to Adaware: The Best FREE Antivirus & ad block and install ‘Ad-aware’ Free edition. ‘Ad-aware’
5.remove rest of’s trash. can do it from no.4

Do not install anything from ‘’.
It can be installed by other programs.
It’s not a malware but annoying.

Hi Creasy, my question was aimed at eoibpin :wink:
If he had any application active when hearing that sound…