'You have been authenticated' message sent encrypted

I use CSE with (I think) the default settings as well as CAS.

This works well apart from the last message in the authentication sequence, which for some reason seems to be sent encrypted to users without my digital certificate - despite the fact that my CSE settings says that it should not be. Recipients therefore cannot read it. Message the email recipients get from Outlook 2003 is “Cannot open item. Your digital Id name cannot be found by the underlying security system”

Is there any way I can sort this out? Otherwise I’ll not be able to use CAS and CSE together. In CAS ‘Allow digitally signed emails to by-pass protection’ is checked, as is ‘automatically add sender of digitally signed emails to whitelist’. But actually these do not seem relevant. In CSE “Only encrypt for comtacts where a digital certificate is already installed on the system” is checked.

Many thanks in anticipation



Hi Mouse1:

   This is a bug of CAS2.5. This bug is fixed by CAS2.6 and now it's avail now. Please update to ver2.6. Thanks!