You did ask

Tell us your views it says. Here goes.
I have been using Comodo Firewall Pro,, DB 3.0, for about 3+ months. It has kept me quite busy approving or disapproving programs and operations in and out of my computer. Comodo Firewall Pro reassures me that it is, “learning”, but it seems to be, “learning”, the same things over and over again. An example would be the 20 or so times I have approved the inter connections between Firefox and Thunderbird. I’m talking over and over and over. I’m not sure how many combinations there could be here, but I would hope that Comodo Firewall Pro would have some intuition built into it.
Another, “view”, is the question of if, when, or whether, Comodo Firewall Pro is updating its virus database. I have yet to successfully use the built in update feature on this program. Normally I am unable to get a connection with Comodo. (By the way, there seems to be quit a few of your web site links that are dead. I did some looking today for update information and hit a lot of links that were non op. I cant recall where they were. Perhaps that would be a good place for you all to do a bit of homework, and get your web site up and functioning. I also tried out your leak test program. It didn’t work. needed some sort of file to send but wouldn’t accept any file I offered it.) Any way back to the, “views”. A DB version number doesn’t help me a bit when I start getting paranoid about using a firewall that I cannot, personally, update.
So the up shot of all this? I am going back to one of the firewall programs that I know is updating, and one that doesn’t require me to devote more of my time to teaching than I have to spare
Sorry Comodo.
I’ll periodically check back here, and I’ll continue to play with the Comodo program I have installed, but I wont be using Comodo as my system firewall until I feel a bit better about updates and management.