yellow exclamation mark after updated XP SP3


I updated my PC from XP SP2 to SP3. Everything works fine except Comodo firewall. Has a circular yellow exclamation mark.

In first page says “The Defense+ is not functioning properly”.

  • When I run diagnostics I receive the message " The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your installation".

  • I read most of posts about yellow exclamation mark.

  • I reboot PC, not working.

  • I have only Avast security program to run in background. When I deactivate shields of Avast, nothing change in yellow mark of Comodo. (I exit it and run it again).

  • I downloaded and reinstalled Comodo (without uninstallation first, I thing doesn’t matter (?)).

  • I can see cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe running in Task Manager normally.

  • I can’t see any yellow triangle mark under Windows device manager to say something is wrong. (?? where exactly is low level drivers for Comodo, in Device manager?)

Any idea what to do next?

What version did you have previously?



Hi Jake

Must be the last one. It had not a lot of time I updated Comodo. Maybe 3-4 months. The screens was the same.

In the mean time from my last post, I uninstall it completely and install it again. Nothing.
Yellow mark is there.

  • Please tell me something. When I’m trying to use “Firewall - Define a new trusted application” “Select - Running processes…” a window opens. If I remember correctly in this window must be all the processes are running in this moment. But I can see only one application (and this has gray color) " Windows operating system - PID 0" . Nothing else. Is that right?

Thank you

Hello chthon,

Lets try this method;

Uninstall CIS - Restart - Run Batch - Restart - Run Batch - Download/Install Fresh Copy From

Batch can be found Here (Extract it to your desktop for easier access)

This should solve your issue; If not, please run this and copy/paste the report that’s generated

Doesn’t work. Also I can’t copy paste because is more than 4000 characters, so I attach the report.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi. Anything new after the report? ???

Hello chthon

Sorry for my late absence,

I believe if you uninstall both CIS and Avast, then Install CFP (Just the firewall Component) you should get a “Green Light” Correct? if so the continue to reinstall Avast

(Add CIS to Avast’s Exclusions and Vice Versa)

This should and hopefully solve your issue


Helo Jake

first time doesn’t works. Then I reinstalled XP SP3.

And after, I uninstall both CIS and Avast, then Install CFP.

This time it works!

Thank you for your effort

Thank You for Reporting Back! :slight_smile: