Yazak infested?

Hello everyone…

I wanted to share a concern here. Comodo did a scan of my pc this morning and 50 items in Yazak alone that said it was infested with a back door Trojan.It only detected it but it didn’t quarantine it. Is this a false positive or should i be really concern about this… it found 50!!!
I’ve included an attachment to show you what it found.
I hope I posted this in the right place…thanks in advance

[attachment deleted by admin]


You can submit the detected files here as “Malware/Suspicious” files. If there are too many files, I recommend you compress the Yazak Chat Programs File folder where the files where detected, and send it to malwaresubmit[at]avlab.comodo.com labeled “Suspicious”.

thank you… the files have been submitted…

Hi lavenderpretty,

We are going to have a look at them if u had submit the samples and will send a mail to u if FPs are fixed.