Yahoo redirection after Comodo update

I have been using Comodo Firewall for about 2 years now.
I updated whatever it wanted to update yesterday.
Thereafter, every time I type something in the navigation URL bar, say - bank of america - it will redirect to Yahoo search engine.
I CAN NOT STAND Yahoo for reasons many

Here’s what URL looks like:

and you can clearly see Yahoo and Comodo in there. None of my attempts to change it works. Short of uninstalling Comodo Firewall - any solutions?

Hi ukrkoz,

Welcome to the forums!
Comodo teamed up with Yahoo to generate revenue for their free product.
You should have had an installer/license agreement with a tickbox that showed that it would change homepage and search provider to Yahoo.

Here is a how-to for changing these in IE

Uninstalling will probably not restore your old homepage/search provider.

Thought so as it looked like.
The rest been already done. It switches to Yahoo only off the URL search bar. I have no beef with Comodo, I’ll try to remember to not use URL search bar anymore and go from something else.

I updated Comodo the other day and unknowing embedded this yahoo search engine into all of my browsers. I am very unhappy with this so I uninstalled Comodo and will move on to another anti virus program. HOW DO I REMOVE THE YAHOO SEARCH ENGINE from my computer? I am very frustrated that it is not something easily removed from my computer.
I am aware that I updated this and didn’t uncheck the tick box, however, I should still be able to remove this from the personal item that belongs to me. It feels like your anti-virus program has added a virus to my computer. Please Advise.

You should be able to change it as you normally would. For advice on how to do that please see this page.

If you are still having problems please feel free to ask for assistance.

Thank you.

I am very unhappy too, why do they touch other software configuration. They don’t have to.
And for the configuration they killed my firefox conf.

In the about:config they modified a lot of keys (12 exactly).


So just changing the default search engine wouldn’t clear all the damages.

I am removing the malware comodo too - there is no “trust” between users and Comodo anymore.