Yahoo Redirect BrowserHello, Im new to this forum, thank you for having me. I ha

Im new to this forum, I hope Im in the right place. Thank you for having me. I have a macbook pro and use the free Comodo antivirus program. Does it have a malware feature in it? I ask because I downloaded something somewhere and got the annoying Yahoo redirect browser thing going. I use Firefox Quantum, and several times a week, the Yahoo browser will show up as my default over Google which is marked as my default. When the Comodo program runs it has never shown this type of problem. I installed the free Malwarebytes program and it found about 4-6 malware threats to my mac. So that is why I was wondering if Comodo Antivirus had the malware feature in it. Does Comodo have something for both virus-malware-adware?

Thank you very much. I appreciate any advice.

comodo affilities with yahoo in some region ı know it in past and yes comodo has all features that you need but it must be well configured
but ı dont know anything about mac so ı cant help

No sorry just a anti virus same as Linux.

To protect or remove anything else you need another program.